17 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Apples

Healthints – The benefits of apples are well-known as a fruit that helps maintain health and even to prevent disease, of course also useful for the diet. Who doesn’t like apples? This beautiful fruit is widely consumed to help the menu. What benefits can we get by eating apples? The following is the discussion.

Benefits of Apples for Diet

17 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Apples
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The benefits of apples for the diet are one of the most famous in the earth. How can apples help your daily intake to be successful? How the apple works for a menu is almost the same as the benefits of brown rice, which is with very high fiber content, this fruit makes a full feeling longer on our stomach.

Then what is the connection? It will be beneficial so that we can minimize food intake/appetite for high-calorie foods. When the stomach has glucose, the stomach feels hungry and instructs the brain to look for food.

The benefits of apples after eating hunger automatically disappear, and this is where the role of apple fibers to last longer in the stomach and make a full feeling longer on the stomach so you will not feel hungry. Calm apples do not have fat content and are rich in fiber, so it is safe for diet and intestines.

Benefits of Apples for Health

There’s no need to doubt, the benefits of apples for health are indeed compelling and beyond what we can expect. Apples have excellent properties for the health of the human body; here are some of the fantastic benefits of apples for the human body.

1. Helps work the small intestine
We all know that digestion is never separated from the work of the small intestine as a food processor and takes nutrients. Regular consumption of apples can overcome digestive disorders that occur in the gut and prevent constipation.

2. Reducing the risk of respiratory problems
A study shows that children who consume apple juice regularly can reduce the risk of respiratory disease. Also, pregnant women who regularly drink apple juice are useful in suppressing respiratory problems in the womb.

3. Healthy oral and dental cavities
It turns out that apples also have a function for oral and dental health, consuming apples by directly chewing them will stimulate the production of saliva to clean the oral cavity. Besides tannins contained in apples, clean plaques that damage teeth and gums.

4. Protects bones
The flavonoids (phloridzin) is an apple benefit that reduces osteoporosis problems in post-menopause women. The content of Boron in apples also serves to strengthen the bones in the body, so it is not easily porous. It is also perfect for preventing symptoms of rheumatic disease.

5. Control blood sugar
Galacturonic acid is supplied by apples to reduce the body’s performance in releasing the hormone insulin. Therefore, apples are suitable for people who have a genetic history of diabetes so that they don’t increase and become more serious.

6. Preventing and treating cancer
The benefits of this apple are in triterpenoids in apple skin. Cornell University study identified that apples could inhibit cancer cells that are at risk of causing symptoms of breast cancer, liver cancer, and colon cancer.

Also, apples have some substances that can help reduce cancer risk, including antimutagenic activity, antioxidant activity, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative mechanisms, and apoptotic-inducing processes published in the journal Planta Medica.

7. Brain health
Apples have been proven to be used to protect neuron cells that can prevent oxidative stress caused by neurotoxicity and play an essential role in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

8. Prevent Parkinson’s disease
People who consume fruits and other high-fiber foods benefit from protecting against Parkinson’s disease; research has shown it. The sign of this disease is a disorder of producing dopamine for brain nerve cells. Scientists have linked it to the power of antioxidants that function against various types of free radicals.

9. Lower cholesterol levels
For those of you who are fat or have high LDL, apples are very suitable for consumption food. Apples contain soluble fiber that can bind fat in the intestine; this means it functions to reduce cholesterol levels.

10. Good for digestion
Apples are fruits that are rich in fiber and various vitamins and minerals that are easily digested by the body; for this reason, apples are one type of fruit that is very healthy for digestion.

11. Healthy heart
An extensive study has linked soluble fiber intake with an accumulation of cholesterol plaque in the arteries. Phenolic, a compound found in apple skin also prevents cholesterol from entering the system and strengthening arterial walls. When plate forms inside the arteries, it will reduce blood flow to the heart, which leads to coronary heart disease. This plank is clean only with the help of soluble fiber in the apple.

12. Prevent gallstones
Gallstones form when there is too much cholesterol in the bile so that it tends to harden. The short-term effects are possible for you to be obese. To prevent gallstones, doctors recommend a high-fiber diet to help you control cholesterol levels in the body. Apples as one of the super fruits that have high fiber content are very good for health.

13. Overcoming diarrhea and constipation
Can you not go to the bathroom (difficult chapter) or can’t stop (diarrhea)? The fiber found in apples can help overcome these two problems, even though each is contradictory. A good thread can draw water out of the intestine to keep the components inside to move throughout the day to support member. This fiber can also absorb excess water from dirt, which means it can help you in the process of diarrhea.

14. Liver detoxification
Detoxification is a function of removing toxins from the liver. Every day in increasingly advanced age, we will never be separated from the consumption of ingredients containing “poison” whether it is from drinks or food. The function of the liver is responsible for cleaning this toxin from the body. The antioxidant content can help detoxify the liver from various substances or poisons in the body.

15. Prevent cataracts
For the benefits of this one apple, although previous studies have not been too convincing about the benefits of apples for cataracts. But recent long-term studies show that people who have a diet that contains antioxidants such as apples are 10 to 15 percent less likely to get cataracts.

16. Improve the human immune system
Red apples contain antioxidants called quercetin. Recent research has found that quercetin can help improve and strengthen the immune system, especially when the mind is stressed.

17. Prevent hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are the occurrence of swollen veins in the anal area even if they do not affect death; blood-related diseases can be excruciating. A common cause of hemorrhoids is too much pressure in the pelvic and rectal areas. Fiber can reduce straining too ‘extreme’ when going to the bathroom and thus help relieve hemorrhoids.

The benefits of apples for body health and diet are among the most popular among other fruits. Because of its popularity, apples are also an ingredient for making vinegar; this product is selling well because the benefits of apple cider vinegar are also beneficial for hypertension and other critical diseases.

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