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25 Benefits of Binahong Leaves and Side Effects

25 Benefits of Binahong Leaves and Side Effects

25 Benefits of Binahong Leaves and Side Effects - Benefits of Binahong leave lately much to the lips because of its increasingly popular use to address various health problems. Binahong as sound strange to the ear, but actually, this plant is one type of herbs, especially on the leaves. Multiple diseases can use Binahong leaves, for alternative medicine. Treatment with herbal plants is relatively longer cured but will be cheaper when compared with a doctor's prescription.

The content of Substance in Binahong Leaves

There have been many studies conducted, but recent studies of Binahong leaves contain antioxidant substances flavonoids and other compounds.

25 Benefits of Binahong Leaves and Side Effects

Antioxidant substances: Able to ward off free radicals that cause carcinogenic substances to trigger cancer cells Consume Binahong, can reduce the risk of cancer as well as on the benefits of soursop leaves or mangosteen skin benefits.

Substances alkaloid: Among them again is alkaloid substances commonly used in diabetics, because it has hypoglycemic properties that will lower blood sugar levels in the body.

Saponin: Another with saponin compounds that provide a decrease in heart-healthy cholesterol levels. Various kinds of benefits and Binahong this, which many make Binahong leaves for the alternative coronation of multiple diseases.

Benefits of Binahong Leaf For Treatment

Generally, water boiled leaf Binahong used for treatment, including are as follows :
  • Diabetes: use eleven sheets of cooked Binahong leaves, then drink the boiled water every day
  • Shortness of breath: boil seven leaves of Binahong, then drink every day
  • Stabilize blood pressure (low blood pressure): cook eight pieces of Binahong leaves, boiled water is taken daily
  • Coughing that causes vomiting blood: boil ten sheets of Binahong leaves, and drink the stew every day
  • Lung disease: use ten leaves of Binahong and boil, and drink this herb every day
  • Helps cure diabetes (diabetes)
  • Relieve shortness of breath
  • Helps restore stamina
  • Accelerate wound healing
  • Overcoming blood clotting and inflammation
  • Recovering bruises
  • Prevent stroke
  • Reduces arthritis
  • Prevent Gout
  • Ambien (hemorrhoids)
  • Headache disorders
  • Treat Itching
  • Maintain the immune system
  • Bowel swelling
  • Nosebleed Nose
  • Health problems after surgery and childbirth

This alternative treatment should be done routinely but also must continue to drink the benefits of water to balance the decoction of the leaves of Binahong on the body.

Besides used as a treatment medium, leaf Binahong also can be used to support skin health, as follows:

1.Treating Bloody Wounds

Mashed the leaves of Binahong or mashed sufficiently. Apply on parts of the body that are swollen or evenly wounded. Do it during the wound if the wound is still in a wet condition.

2. Treating Acne

Take 5 or more Binahong leaves and mash until crushed. Immediately apply on acne regularly. It is better if you used at night before bed. If you want maximum results, take 5-6 leaves of water Binahong then boiled with 2 cups water, until the remaining one glass. Add the benefits of honey to taste, to add flavor.

3. Outer Drugs

For external use, leaves and stems finely ground and then smeared on the sore. This ingredients to cure bruises due to knock, rheumatism, stiff, muscle pain or smooth the skin.

4. Maintaining Facial Health

These tips are useful enough to remove wrinkles and acne on the face. How to make it is also quite easy, just use a Binahong leaf as a face mask. Mash 5-6 Binahong then apply on a clean look every before bed.

Benefits of Binahong Bulb

25 Benefits of Binahong Leaves and Side Effects

In addition to leaves, tubers or roots, Binahong also has medicinal properties. Way, take the rhizome (tuber) to taste, washed, then boiled, after cold filtered and the results took 2-3 times a day. This herb for healing, ulcers, typhoid, dysentery, maintaining physical fitness (plus the benefits of egg yolks and honey), prevent stroke, gout, and lumbago.

Side Effects Binahong Leaf

25 Benefits of Binahong Leaves and Side Effects

Ephedrine-containing herbs called ephedra are associated with high blood pressure, heart attack, muscle disorders, seizures, stroke, irregular heartbeat, loss of consciousness, and death. Any herbs or medications containing ephedrine should be taken with care and under the supervision of a medical professional. Binahong leaves can also cause dizziness, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, headache, lack of appetite, nausea, vomiting, flushing, tingling, difficulty urinating, and heartbeat pulse.

Do not use Binahong with other stimulants such as caffeine. This may increase the likelihood of having side effects, including life-threatening. Caffeine sources include coffee, tea, cola nuts. For pregnant and lactating women the Binahong leaves are not safe, then do not use. Also, it can cause chest pain (angina) worse because it stimulates the liver. Do not use if you have this angina problem.