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Benefits of Snakefruit Seed for Health

Benefits of Snakefruit Seed for Health

Benefits of Snakefruit Seed for Health

Healthints - Benefits of Snakefruit Seed is less familiar to our ears. Because very rarely among the people who maximise the goodness stored in it. Whereas if studied further, there are so many benefits of Snakefruit seeds that we can get for health. One of them is to prevent hypertension, cure uric acid, launched the digestive system and also as a natural stamina enhancer far from the word side effects, so it does not harm the body. Well then from that, to know in detail what are the functions of Snakefruit seed powder, here we have provided a summary that might be helpful for those of you who need.

Benefits of Snakefruit Seed for Health

Who does not know with this one fruit? Snakefruit with the Latin name Salacca Zalaca is widely cultivated and occur in various species. Snakefruit has a distinctive fruit flavour that is a combination of sweet, sour and spicy but this is a characteristic and highly favoured by the community. in addition to the delicious taste of Snakefruit also contains many nutrients and nutrients that are good for health.

One type of Snakefruit is quite a famous Salak Pondoh in Indonesia. Salak Pondoh is a Snakefruit found in the area of Yogyakarta, especially in Sleman district in the valley of Mount Merapi. The advantages of this Snakefruit is a sweet taste and not tasteless, although still young. This excellence cannot be rivalled by any Snakefruit and is pointed out this is because the place to plant that contains ash from Mount Merapi.

There are many types of Snakefruit known in Indonesia, Salak Pondoh, Salak Madu and so forth. But even so, the benefits gained by the body arguably the same. By consuming the flesh alone, we have been able to overcome diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery and also keep the intake of vitamins that help normalise the performance of organs.

Benefits of Salak Seed for Health

Not only in the flesh alone, but Snakefruit seeds also keep a big enough secret for the world of herbal medicine. One of them is processed into powder and brewed like making coffee. So be spelt out that Snakefruit seed powder can be used as an alternative to coffee with nutritional value is not lost. Processing is quite easy, smooth Snakefruit seed then dried to dry. Roasted until slightly brown then grow and sift until smooth. For use, prepare about one teaspoon of Snakefruit seed powder which is then brewed with 1 cup boiling water. Can also be added a little sugar to reduce the denser taste.

Benefits of Salak Seed for Health

Well, the question here is: What are the content and benefits of Snakefruit seeds for health? Maybe the following answers can help!

Benefits of Snakefruit Seed for Health

Benefits of Salak Seed for Health

  1. As a stamina enhancer that supports the performance of the body so as not to easily tired or tired. It is because the carbohydrates in the seeds of bark are also high to meet the energy needs of the body in work.
  2. Prevent Hypertension capable of launching the blood-conscious system, preventing clotting and also helps normalise the heart's performance in supplying oxygen throughout the body through the blood.
  3. Improving mind and brain intelligence. Similar to coffee, Snakefruit seed tea also contains protein that helps to improve the concentration, so it is also not good to maintain the memory that is suitable for children in the learning period (school).
  4. Prevent gout and other related symptoms. Examples are healing rheumatism, muscle aches, joint pain, and even stroke. Related also to maintain kidney and heart health.
  5. Smooth the digestive tract such as prevention of constipation, haemorrhoids (haemorrhoids), and also dysentery. Maybe the impact on each person will be different, but by consuming the seeds of Snakefruit will normalise the disposal of faeces becomes more regular.
  6. Improve the performance of the muscles and nervous system as well as maintain and regenerate damaged nerves.

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7 Things You Do not Do When Menstruation

7 Things You Do not Do When Menstruation

7 Things You Do Not Do When Menstruation - Occurs once a month makes menstruation so common for all girls. You must also have known what symptoms will arise in your body as it will approach the menstrual period. However, you also should not take lightly regardless of your period of menstruation. Well, here are the things that you should not do during menstruation. This will make your menstruation uncomfortable and may have an effect on your sex organs.

7 Things You Do Not Do When Menstruation

1. Too much snacking can make your stomach bloated

Eating salty foods can store a lot of water content in the body, so you must be bloated if too much snack during menstruation. You should avoid snacking is too salty during menstruation to prevent flatulence.

2. Being lazy will destroy your mood

7 Things You Do not Do When Menstruation

Do not let you laze or not even move at all. Just so you know, exercise during menstruation to improve the mood, you know. With exercise, you can increase your heart rate, and it will be good for your spirit. If you get lazy, then you become more mood not add.

3. Not counting the menstrual period is also not right, you know

Calculating the menstrual period does take time and accuracy. But when you do it regularly, then you will know first if there is something strange with your menstruation. By counting you can also keep your food properly. Things will get better when you know clearly whether your periods are on time or not.

4. Stay up

7 Things You Do not Do When Menstruation

Not enough rest will make you more fussy than usual. You must have known that menstruation will have a significant impact on your mood changes, and rest is the key to treating it. You need a rest so you can be more controlled.

5. Do not let you not see the color of your own menstrual blood

Notice also your menstrual color. Texture and color will show if there is something wrong with your body. Unusual colors can be a sign of infection in the vagina. For example, if your menstruation is orange, then you should check it with the doctor to detect if there is a disease.

6. Do not get iron deficiency

7 Things You Do not Do When Menstruation

During menstruation, in addition to the cleanliness, you have to pay attention to is how you eat. What you eat is very influential. Since you will lose a lot of blood that contains iron, then you need a replacement through food. Metal serves to carry oxygen throughout the body and make you more energetic. Eating foods such as oysters, red beans, spinach will be good for your body during menstruation.

7. Do not forget to wash your hands before changing pads

Trivial, but try to imagine your dirty hands touch the new pads that you will wear. By not washing your hands, it means you are putting a lot of germs in your vagina. It's not clean, it gets dirty. Just because you think you know your body does not mean you can just underestimate it. Little things that you consider trivial could have a significant impact if you are careless. Instead, do not do all the above!

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The Right Way to Overcome Your Irregular Periods

The Right Way to Overcome Your Irregular Periods

The Right Way to Overcome Your Irregular Periods - A woman will always menstruate from puberty until the menopause. However, these menstrual matters save the natural thing to go through, often the menstruation that creates makes many women complain. If this menstruation can be overcome by simple, for example, with 5 ways below. What do you think about anything? Read next below!

1. Adequate sleep

Himal the first time you find cellulite that is not cellulite you have to check again, you always sleep or stay up. Since less sleep is enough your menstruation cycle is indeed garlic because your body lacks rest. The organization that is less fit will affect its performance including can affect your menstrual cycle becomes irregular.

2. Do light exercise

The Right Way to Overcome Your Irregular Periods

When you do something, you can do mild exercises such as jogging or leisurely strolling for your blood circulation. Try to compile menstruation do not burden because it will make you fall your body.

3. Many foods contain antioxidants

Lack of nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits can also impact your regular menstrual cycle. The body needs vegetables and fruits because it includes high antioxidants that affect your health. When people are in a healthy and healthy situation, your menstrual cycle will return to normal.

4. Consumption of herbs that formulated themselves

The Right Way to Overcome Your Irregular Periods

You can make herbs to smooth your period and make your period regularly, for example with turmeric. However, you do not buy herbal medicine fast because it is not good and can not overcome your menstrual problem.

5. Avoid stress

Among the 4 things above, you must also avoid stress to keep your body healthy and healthy. Pressure can make your period irregular and slow. Keep thinking positively and live life in a relaxed way! Well, the unique ways to treat your periods are not regular, natural right?

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5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk - Breast cancer must be a scary thing for every woman. Known as a hereditary disease, causing many people to feel safe because of their previous family history has never been affected by this horrible disease. But this does not mean we are entirely safe from breast cancer risk.

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Breast cancer can also grow due to environmental factors and unhealthy lifestyles. It's important to always check on your tits. Because most of the new breast cancer patients are aware of this disease after reaching an advanced stage so difficult to heal. Here are 5 healthy tips that must be applied to reduce the risk of this terrible disease.

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

1. Consumption of vegetables and fruits regularly

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

By eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables that contain lots of fiber and vitamins is indeed very healthy and beneficial to the body. It is also helpful to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Also, the application of eating patterns that increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables can also be used as a means of a potent diet.

2. Increase physical activity and exercise 30 minutes a day

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Although lazy, always force the body to move and exercise every day, it is beneficial to reduce the risk of getting a variety of cancer; one of them is breast cancer. Exercising keeps the fat cells from spilling into the body because as fat cells build up, the agency will produce additional estrogens.

Well, when breast cancer cells exposed by estrogen produced earlier than the risk of breast cancer getting bigger. If you do not have enough time to exercise, then it can be replaced with a walk or jog that does not require special equipment.

3. Avoid cigarettes

Cigarettes can cause a lot of various cancers. Starting from lung cancer, mouth, throat, pancreas, breast, and much more. Even if you do not smoke, you will still be adversely affected if you smoke cigarettes too often.

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Therefore for those of you who smoke, immediately stop using cigarettes from now on. And if you are not a smoker, you should also stay away from the cigarette smoke that is often encountered in everyday life. In addition to preventing cancer, steer clear of cigarettes also reduce the potential for heart disease and stroke.

4. Do massage on the breast

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

By doing a breast massage, blood flow initially blocked because of the use of a bra can return to normal. Also, breast massage can also suppress the growth of open cells that lead to breast cancer. The method of oil to massage the breast can make the breasts become more relaxed and maintain breast health.

5. Find peace and do not stress

5 Healthy Tips to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

Stress is something that can cause many diseases, including breast cancer. Women who experience severe stress for 5 years have a 50 percent chance of developing breast cancer. Therefore it is essential to be able to find happiness and peace. Either by vacationing, chatting with friends and family, relaxation and other activities that are able to repel the feeling of stress you feel.

In addition to the above methods, the most important is always to check the breast to the doctor or check yourself with attention to the signs of cancer that may appear.

Always take time to treat breast and apply habits that can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer.

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Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs

Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs

Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs - Asthma is a long-term illness that can cause people with difficulty breathing, coughing, and experiencing wheezing when relapse. Each person has a different level of severity of the disease, and usually, it can be adequately controlled. This asthma disease can occur when the respiratory tract/bronchus is inflamed. Bronkus that looks like a small tube is its function to transport air in and out of the lungs. And generally, bronchus in people with asthma disease is more sensitive than others & more susceptible to inflammation.

Factors Causing the Emergence of Asthma Attacks

Here are some causes of asthma, but the reason is different for each person.

Due to lung and respiratory infections usually caused by the flu virus and fever.
  • Allergens, such as dust mites, animal dander, and also pollen.
  • As a result of air irritants such as chemical fumes, cigarette smoke, and air pollution.
  • Weather factors such as hot weather, windy weather, cold weather supported by poor air quality, humid weather & drastic temperature changes.
  • As a result of the consumption of foods/beverages containing sulfites (natural substances are sometimes used to preserve food) such as shrimp, jam, processed foods, half-cooked food, fruit juice beverage packaging.
  • Exercise, sometimes asthma symptoms can get worse when the person is exercising.
  • An Indoor condition such as humid room / moldy, carpet chemicals, floor materials and dust mites.
  • An emotional factor such as stress.

What are the Symptoms of Asthma?

  • Coughing that often occurs early in the morning and at night.
  • It's hard to breathe.
  • Experiencing tightness in the chest.
  • Wheezing.
  • Difficulty sleeping due to shortness of breath and coughing.
Several kinds of traditional crops can be useful in making as a conventional medicine of asthma such as:

1. Karok Leaf

Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs

Karok or so-called betel leaves are wild plants that grow a lot in some regions in Indonesia. This plant can be developed by doing stem cuttings. And in the world of medicine, these great Piper Sarmentosum plants are potent enough in overcoming various diseases such as asthma, painful urination, skin disease, bone pain, and abdominal pain.

It is because the substances contained in the roots, stems, leaves and fruit. This Piper Sarmentosum is a type of plant that can help with polyphenols and saponins, and inside the leaves and fruits contain high levels of flavonoids and essential oils. And the chemical content of this plant provides excellent pharmacological effects to the body, such as having spicy flavor & mucous laxative (on leaves), tangy taste of art & gallstone (at root).

But the part that is usually used from this plant is on the leaves, Piper Sarmentosum this can be utilized as ingredients of traditional herbs asthma disease whose function is to thin the mucus/phlegm in the respiratory tract which is then removed from the body.
With reduced mucus from the respiratory tract, it can make the flow of air into the body becomes smooth, so that breathing becomes more spacious. Apart from that, the spicy flavor of this plant is also warmed so that it can give a sense of comfort in the cavity & respiratory tract.

How To Treat Rotten Leaves For Asthma Drugs
  • Take 3 to 5 pieces of fresh bay leaves.
  • Rinse leaf.
  • Puree the leaves of the Piper Sarmentosum by pounding it.
  • Then the leaves are already in the puree in brewed with half a glass of hot water.
  • Filter & chill.
  • Then add a little sugar or honey, so that the water that has been brewed feels more delicious.
  • Boiled leaf water is ready to drink.
  • Dosage: drink this boiling water as much as 3x a day.

2. Ginger

This type of rhizome is famous for its healing properties, but besides that, this rhizome also seems to have other potent properties to help treat asthma and is also useful for treating inflammation. To take the benefits of ginger, you can combine this ginger with honey. Therefore, honey is very suitable and appropriate for the mix with ginger rhizomes. Because, in addition to having a very delicious taste, this blend can also help people with asthma to quickly heal naturally and speedily.

Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs

When this ginger plays a role to stop the mucus in the channel by overcoming the inflammation, honey will dilute the existing mucus so it can be removed. To obtain the efficacy of this ginger is quite easy, just with you smoothing ginger with pound / by way of iris-iris only, then, then you enter the result of pounding or slices of ginger into the mixture of honey. However, if you want to take the benefits of ginger in a way in the iris, then you have to use more ginger than by pounding ginger.

3. Yam

Yam is one type of tropical fruit fleshy white flour & crispy textured, but it also has a sweet taste and refreshing taste is consumed when the day is hot-hot. Also can be eaten from this plant is its roots are enlarged by forming tubers. And where in the fruits of this type of sources there are many benefits.

Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs

Yam also has a Latin name Pachyrhizus erosus that can be made as a healthy snack when hungry. Yam is very hardy because it contains low calorie, only providing 35 calories per 100g. However, this yam also contains high phytonutrients such as fiber & anti-oxidants. While the mineral content contained in yams such as magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, and B complex in this yam makes the yam as a perfect fruit for consumption. Also, the enriched yam of quercetin, beta-carotene, magnesium, and natural antihistamines are also able to prevent the production of histamine that causes allergies.

As stated by Budi Sutomo and dr Gatot Ibrahim, the author of the book, "The Secrets of Healthy Fruit Juices and Vegetables" that java juice therapy combined with vegetables can help boost the immune system for those with asthma.

How To Make Traditional Herbs For Asthma Drugs
Materials that need to be prepared, among others:

  • 250gram yam, peeled & cut into pieces.
  • 100gram radish grated, peeled & cut into pieces.
  • ¼ red chili, split and seeded.
  • 50g celery stem.
  • 60ml ice water.
  • 2 tbsp lemon or lime juice.
  • Three slices of ice cubes:
How to make

  • Add the yam, radish, celery, red chili, ice water, lemon juice and a piece of ice cubes to the blender machine.
  • Milled until smooth.
  • Once smooth, pour the juice into the glass.
  • Juice ready at drinking.

4. Soursop Leaf

Soursop leaf is a green leaf that has abundant benefits to our bodies, the properties that are owned by soursop leaves are so great especially for health, this is because the soursop leaves can treat various types of diseases that are often in the natural, one such as this asthma disease. This soursop leaf is believed to be able to cure asthma because in this soursop leaf contains vitamins, minerals, and other substances that are very important to handle the symptoms of asthma that arise such as shortness of breath, tightness in the chest and so forth. So that the process of healing asthma is optimal.

Powerful Way to Cure Asthma With Herbs

Well, for those of you who are currently being tormented with asthma suffered, then I recommend consuming boiled water soursop leaves regularly. Because of shortness of breath and pain in the chest etc. It is a symptom that often arises triggered by asthma, while asthma can occur in the dirt caused by dust inhaled and into the respiratory system, thus making the respiratory muscles to contract as hard as possible to remove dust, so it makes the chest volume becomes smaller, and symptoms appear shortness of breath. That is why you are recommended to consume soursop leaf water consumption routinely because the compounds contained in the soursop leaves can soothe the muscles that experience the contraction.

How to Make Traditional Asthma Drug from Soursop Leaf

  • Take ten soursop leaves that are quite old (the color is dark green).
  • Wash off soursop leaf.
  • Boil the soursop leaves with three glasses of water.
  • Wait for the water to boil and the remaining one glass.
  • Then strain and chill.
  • Cooking water is ready for consumption.
Dosage: boiled water drunk 2x a day, in the morning and evening.
The effect will be felt after you consume boiled water soursop leaves,  the stomach feels warm, and the body will come out with a lot of sweat.

That's some natural medicinal plant for asthma disease that you can choose one. In addition to these medicinal plants of asthma vary, of course, the plants can also be easily obtained. Hopefully useful. Thank you!

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Eating Eggs do not Make You Fat, Here are 4 Facts You Need to Know!

Eating Eggs do not Make You Fat, Here are 4 Facts You Need to Know!

Eating Eggs do not Make You Fat, Here Are 4 Facts You Need To Know! - Of course, we are not alien to the eggs that we often consume. Eggs are a source of animal protein that contains many nutrients in it. The egg itself is much used as a complement to foods such as fried rice, noodles, or other grains. Even the eggs become the essential ingredients in the manufacture of various kinds of cakes or bread.

Also, high cholesterol and fat contents make some of you tend to be afraid to consume them. Then, some myths make someone more avoid the eggs. But are these myths reliable? Here are the facts.

4 Facts About Eggs You Need to Know

1. Eating eggs does not affect cholesterol levels if not excessive

The problem of cholesterol in eggs has actually been a long conversation in the community. Many people limit eating one egg each day.

But the fact is, research conducted by the University of Connecticut, explains that eating three eggs to be part of the effort to limit the intake of carbohydrates, and increase the absorption of good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

Other studies also mention that eating one to three eggs per day will not directly raise cholesterol levels in the body. But this only happens to healthy people.

2. Eating eggs help lose weight

Eating Eggs do not Make You Fat, Here are 4 Facts You Need to Know!

Many people assume that the fat content in the egg is substantial and will make it thick. But the fact is, eggs cannot raise your weight. In fact, eggs are foods that can help weight loss. Why is that?

In an egg contains only 70 calories, balanced with 6 grams of protein and 5 grams of fat. Even fat content like oleic acid and linoleic in eggs can reduce fat from food and absorb cholesterol in your body. Also, eggs are also the right food choice for your diet! Eating eggs makes us full longer.

3. Mature eggs provide more nutrients

In general, people assume that if eating berries in a raw or semi-cooked condition will not eliminate many nutrients in the egg. But in fact, indeed some of the content in a mature egg will be reduced. But the difference in the content of raw and cooked eggs is minimal.

But also, the protein content in raw eggs is less than the protein content in cooked eggs. The body is only able to absorb about 50% protein in fresh eggs. Whereas in mature eggs 91% according to studies in the Journal of Nutrition.

Raw eggs also contain avidin. This type of protein will prevent the absorption of essential nutrients in the body. A mature egg will kill avidin and ensure crucial nutrients are absorbed by our body.

Well last, raw eggs may contain Salmonella bacteria. The cooking process will kill all types of bacteria and germs contained in eggs. Food will be healthier and cleaner if through the cooking process.

4. Egg yolks contain more nutrients than egg whites

Eating Eggs do not Make You Fat, Here are 4 Facts You Need to Know!

Many people think that egg yolk has a very high cholesterol content and hurts consuming it. In fact, egg whites only contain 3.5 grams of protein. While the yolk contains 240 milligrams of leucine, a single-chain amino acid that affects the genetic builder muscle.

Egg yolks also contain lutein and zeaxanthin which help improve eye health. Besides yolk also includes many other nutrients such as protein, fat, choline, good cholesterol, omega3, vitamin A, D, E, K, and much other useful content for our body.

So do not be afraid to eat one whole egg!

7 Diseases That Will Follow You If Menstruating Under 12 Years

7 Diseases That Will Follow You If Menstruating Under 12 Years

7 Diseases That Will Follow You If Menstruating Under 12 Years - What was your first menstrual period? Remember when you got your first menstruation? The average woman gets first menstruation at the age of 12-14 years. But not infrequently anyone gets menstruation at an earlier age, under 12 years. And do you know if menstruation too early actually has some impact on its own?

If you had your first menstrual period under the age of 12, there is a chance you will have some health problems like this.

1. Breast Cancer

It feels a bit horrible, but every woman's first menstrual period will inevitably be accompanied by significant hormonal changes. Especially estrogen, which works to maximize the entire tissue in the body, including your breasts.

If you are menstruating first under the age of 12, you have a 50% chance of getting breast cancer when compared to those who have first menstruation at age 16, according to a report from the Breast Cancer Fund, quoted from

2. Early Menopause

7 Diseases That Will Follow You If Menstruating Under 12 Years

A study in the journal Human Reproduction of 2017, quoted by reveals, that women who first menstruate at age 11 or younger, have 80% chance of menopause before entering the age of 40, and 30% more likely for menopause at the age of 40 to 44, when compared with women their first menstruation at age 13 and over.

It is possible that women who have never had children also experience early menopause.

3. Heart Disorders

Actually, what does not increase the risk of heart disease? According to a study published in the journal Heart,, women who menstruate early before the age of 12 years have a higher chance of heart disease by up to 10%.

4. Osteoporosis

7 Diseases That Will Follow You If Menstruating Under 12 Years

For some women, early menstruation means that it has a higher estrogen hormone. So the risk of osteoporosis is also lower. But if menstruation earlier it means early menopause as well. So the risk of osteoporosis can lurk at any time. To prevent osteoporosis, multiply the consumption of vitamin D.

5. Diabetes

When women menstruate earlier, it will produce body fat early. So that can trigger type 2 diabetes.

6. Ovarian Cancer

Women who are menstruating earlier are usually more at risk for ovarian cancer compared to late-bloomers, according to the International Journal of Cancer study. Early menstruation can increase a person's ovarian cancer by up to 51% when compared with women who are menstruating at age 14 or above.

Again, estrogen can be a factor.

7. Infertility

7 Diseases That Will Follow You If Menstruating Under 12 Years

Even though menopause can make you foggy in planning a child program, research in Fertility and Sterility, suggests that early menstruation has something to do with infertility or infertility.

Women who menstruate early will have a 'not too' functional ovary because it is still an early age, which means that in the productive age will be a little 'eggs' remaining.

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5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil - When doing frying activity, maybe we have experienced exposed hot oil splashes. For example, while frying fish or chili to make sambal.

When hot oils land on the skin, it will automatically cause burning and burning sensation that makes it uncomfortable. If not immediately given first aid, the surface can be blister you know. Aw, hell yes.

But, how the first aid is right to deal with damaged skin affected by hot oil splashes? That said, toothpaste is believed to relieve the burning sensation in the surface due to splashes of hot oil.

But as it turns out, on the contrary, the content of chemicals such as dyes and bleach can actually aggravate the wound and cause infection. If you are exposed to hot oil splashes, it would be better to wet the wound with running water for 30 minutes to relieve the pain.

Also, using natural ingredients as a drug is also recommended. Like these 5 natural ingredients, proven to heal wounds caused by hot oil splashes. Let's see what it is.

5 Natural Ingredients

1. Cold Milk

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

In addition to tasty and healthy drinking, it turns out cold milk can heal burns due to hot oil instantly you know. The trick is to soak the skin in raw milk for approximately 30 minutes, surely your skin will not feel burned again and will not cause scars.

2. Cucumber

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

The content of antioxidants, vitamin C and K in cucumbers can help reduce the burning and inflammation of the skin affected by hot oil.

The trick is to cut the cucumber and wash it clean. Stick the cucumber slices on the affected skin with hot oil splashes. Press and let stand approximately 30-40 minutes.

3. Honey and Turmeric Powder

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

If your wound does not bleed or tear, you can relieve the heat by using a mixture of honey and turmeric powder. The trick is straightforward, mix 1 tablespoon of honey with 1/2 tablespoon turmeric powder, mix well.

Apply on the wound and let stand for 30 minutes. If it still feels hot, you can apply it again. But first, clean and spread first with clean running water, then you rub with new.

4. Aloe Vera

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

Not just for beauty, aloe vera can also help heal skin burned by hot oil splashes. Aloe vera contains many important substances such as vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B21, C, E, Choline, Inositol, and Folic Acid.

Also, many other good contents are believed to help heal skin from minor burns. If you are exposed to hot oil splashes, immediately take aloe vera and peel and wash. Apply aloe vera to the wound. Then, bandage the wound with gauze.

5. Olive oil

5 Natural Ingredients Here is Able to Heal Skin Burned Due to Hot Oil

Finally, there is olive oil. Unlike the previous four ingredients, olive oil is more on wound care, to prevent black scars causing scars. The trick is to regularly apply olive oil on burns due to hot oil for at least 1 week. Apply morning and evening before bed.

Well, that was 5 natural ingredients that can help you heal wounds caused by splashes of hot oil. Cooking is fun, but we must be careful, especially when it comes to hot oil, hot water, and knives.

Little tips, when frying chili, make it a habit to cut it first so when chili is heated in oil does not swell and cause an eruption. Happy cooking!

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Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Toxic to The Body

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Actually Toxic to The Body

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Toxic to The Body

Healthints - The body's need for vitamins can be obtained from fruits and vegetables. One way to get the benefits of these fruits is to be smoothed alias in the juice.

But not always fruit juice is beneficial to the body. Like five extracts mix the following fruits and vegetables that are harmful to the body. Anything? Check out carefully below.

5 This Juice Blend is Toxic to The Body

1. Papaya and Lemon

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Actually Toxic to The Body

Some people may be reluctant to make this one juice. Papaya and lemon fruit when combined can affect haemoglobin levels and increase the risk of anaemia.

2. Bananas and Puddings

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Actually Toxic to The Body

A mixture of bananas and pudding turns out to cause a fatal to health. Toxins will form when bananas and milk are combined, which can lead to a weak brain and digestive system to be disturbed.

3. Oranges and Carrots

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Actually Toxic to The Body

Both oranges and carrots contain good vitamins for the body. However, if both fruit and vegetables are mixed, it can damage the kidney function.

4. Banana and Guava

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Actually Toxic to The Body

Risk of nausea, accumulation of gas and a prolonged headache will strike if you are desperate to consume juice from the mixture of banana and guava.

5. Pineapple and Milk

Watch Out! 5 This Juice Blend is Actually Toxic to The Body

At first glance, the combination of pineapple and milk tastes good. But do you know if a pineapple containing bromelain will react to the content of harmful substances when combined with milk?
Bromelain itself is a protease enzyme that helps in the digestion of proteins and is present in the stem.

Well, that's a fruit blend guys are avoided if you want to make juice. Do not let your intention to create a healthy body results in diseases in the body.

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5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health - Have you ever noticed how color your menstruation? Every day there must be a change of tone that occurs. Do you know what that means? The color of menstruation has a meaning each about your health, you know.

So, look at all the colors below and find out which one best represents your menstrual color. The more you understand the meaning of the color, the more you know how your health is.

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

1. Pink

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

Menstrual colors that tend to be brighter and pinker indicate low levels of estrogen. Exercise that is not controlled or too heavy is the leading cause that can make estrogen levels decreased. Because this hormone is beneficial for fertility or reproduction of women, then all you need is adequate rest and not too much exercise.

2. Pink is almost as youthful as clear

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

Almost no red in it indicates you are malnourished. In some cases, this can also be a sign that you have ovarian cancer. But, do not panic first, start eating all nutritious food to balance the nutritional levels in the body. If the color has not changed, then it never hurts to see a doctor.

3. Dark red blood clot like jam

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

If the color is dark red and there is such a clot that comes out of the mark you have low progesterone and high estrogen. It does not mean anything. However, if this happens continuously, then you have hormone imbalances. It's normal during the menstrual period; there is nothing you need to fear.

4. Red blood like cranberries

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

If you get this color during your menstrual period, then this is considered healthy and tasty. You have to be wary of the time cycle alone. If it happens more than the time you should stop, then that's your sign of bleeding and need to see a doctor.

5. Orange

5 Colors of Your Menstrual Blood Here Says About Your Health

The color is entirely foreign. It is a sign that you have an infection and can be cervical cancer. To make sure everything is okay, see your doctor immediately after you get this color is highly recommended.

Because menstruation occurs only once a month, then make sure you know precisely what your cycle is like with the color as well. If you know something's wrong, you become more aware of how to solve it.

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment 

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment - Many people still associate weight loss exercise and muscle building programs by having to go to the gym. Because many people think that the easiest way is with the help of the gym equipment. Though many sports motions that can be done without the help of special tools. Of all possible movements, here are 9 examples of the best move!

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

1. Push Up

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

This is the best gearless movement you can do anywhere. Because this movement involves a lot of muscle groups, this movement is instrumental in burning fat and can support the formation of your arm muscles.

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

For men, so push up is more challenging try to do your push up creations with one leg, or the foot higher than the hands or hands clenched or maybe can push up with one hand and so on. Indeed, it is very challenging to challenge to try.

2. Plank

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Plank does look easy at a glance, but do not be underestimated. This motion is excellent for practising your core body balance. Variations of movement with varying degrees of difficulty will significantly test your balance muscles.

3. Boxing Motions

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Although this exercise does not require muscular endurance, the maximum speed you can muster will move your arms, your shoulders and your core muscles to make your heart beat fast. Not only that, but this sport also looks cool even though you do not have the target device hit.

4. Bench Dip

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Bench dip only needs something substantial to support your body. You can use a bench or chair to help you. This movement is good for the formation of chest muscles and triceps.

5. Squat

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

This motion requires only a stable surface. Squats will significantly strengthen the muscles of your feet. You can also provide various variations to simultaneously train your balance muscles by making a jump by alternating the foot position is called a squat jump.

6. Burpee

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Doing the burpee is very easy. This whole body movement can burn calories much better than any cardio exercise. The intensity of action will significantly affect the formation of arm muscles, chest and legs.

7. Lunge

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Lunge motions are also effortless, and even you can do while listening to your favourite music. The weight-bearing movement to train the other leg, but different from the squat. This movement will train the back of your thigh and balance muscles (especially the end of the buttocks).

8. Box Jump

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Box jump will considerably train your feet. You can use a chair or cardboard if you want to be more secure. This movement will not only teach the strength of your feet, but also the thrust of your muscles.

9. Deer Kick

9 At-Home Workouts Without Equipment

Ever seen a deer kicking with two hind legs? Yes, that's how it moves. Occasionally you need to try a deer kick. Maybe synchronised with push-ups but in other variations. This motion will considerably train your shoulder muscles.

Can not wait to try it right? Immediately plan now its schedule and where will you do it. Also tell your friends, who know they are also interested in doing it too and can encourage each other with you.