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How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants - Biliary atresia is a rare bile duct disease that only affects infants. The bile ducts in the liver, also called the hepatic ducts, serve to destroy fat, absorb fat-soluble vitamins, and bring toxins and waste products out of the body.

In biliary atresia, the channel swells and becomes blocked. As a result, bile fluid increases in the liver and causes liver damage. This makes it difficult for the heart to get rid of toxins in the body.

2 types of biliary atresia are fetal and perinatal. Biliary fetal atresia appears when the baby is still in the womb. Biliary atresia perinatal is more common and unconscious until 2-4 weeks after birth. Some infants, especially those born with fetal biliary atresia, also have defects in the heart, spleen, and intestine.

What is the cause of Biliary Atresia?

Biliary atresia is one disease that can be caused by various things. Unfortunately, until now there is no definite evidence. Even so, experts believe that biliary atresia is not a genetic disease, meaning the condition is not given from parent to child. Also, people with biliary atresia do not risk giving this disease to their children. Biliary atresia is more likely to be caused by an event in the womb or around the time of birth. Some of the triggers that may contribute to developing biliary atresia are:
  1. Viral or bacterial infection after birth, such as cytomegalovirus, retrovirus or rotavirus.
  2. Immune system problems, such as when the immune system attacks the liver or bile duct for no reason.
  3. Genetic mutations, which make permanent changes to the genetic structure.
  4. Problems when the development of the liver and bile ducts in the womb.

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

Not many people know this disease because it is recorded only attack 1 of 18,000 babies. The condition is more common in women, premature infants, and Asian or African children. Like what precisely biliary atresia is and how to handle it? Reported from various sources, here's a full explanation!

1. Biliary atresia is a disease of the hepatic ducts, the bile ducts of the liver, which are rare and affect only infants

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

The channel works to destroy fat, absorb fat-soluble vitamins, and bring toxins and waste products out of the body. This disease causes the circuit to swell. As a result, the liver becomes challenging to get rid of toxins in the body.

To diagnose correctly, the doctor will perform several test sequences. The most common series of tests include blood tests, stomach x-rays, ultrasound, liver scans, liver biopsies, and medical history checks and physical examinations. There are two types of biliary atresia, namely: fetal, which occurs when the baby is still in the uterus, and perinatal. Biliary atresia perinatal is more common and can be detected 2-4 weeks after birth. Generally, babies born with biliary atresia also experience bowel, spleen and heart disabilities. This disease is more common in premature infants, as well as Asian or African infants.

2. Symptoms of biliary atresia can be detected enough so it can be handled medically so realize it

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

Beginning with jaundice and yellow eyes, these signs can be seen in the first 1-2 weeks and disappear at 2-3 weeks once treated. Other symptoms of biliary atresia, among others: dark urine color like tea, defecate or white (like putty), and baby growth tend to be slow. If the baby shows the symptoms above, especially within 2-3 weeks after birth, then immediately taken to the doctor.

3. Many experts believe that biliary atresia is not a genetic disease inherited by parents, but there are some potential causes

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

Biliary atresia is thus far more likely to be due to the incidence in the uterus or around the time of birth. This disease can develop due to viral/bacterial infections after birth (cytomegalovirus, retrovirus or rotavirus), immune system problems affecting the liver or bile ducts, genetic mutations as well as challenges when the development of the liver in the womb. Congenital disabilities and bile ducts in infants are also at increased risk of exposure to infants in harmful substances. So this is the importance of handling babies sterile in all equipment and equipment, to be free from viruses/bacteria and toxic substances.

4. With proper handling and cutting-edge technology, biliary atresia patients are able to age longer than previous patients

How to Treat Biliary Atresia in Infants

Biliary atresia patients are most commonly treated with liver or liver transplant procedures. The procedure of the couch is the removal of the bile duct and replaces it with the intestine so that the bile will flow directly into the small pipe. If successful, patients can stay healthy. Babies with biliary atresia need additional vitamins and proteins and the addition of medium chain triglyceride oils to their diet because they usually lack nutrients. If the procedure fails, the baby needs a liver transplant within 1-2 years.

Although the therapy works, there is a risk of obstructive biliary cirrhosis when the adult. So the activity of his heart needs to be monitored and controlled regularly. The obstacle of liver transplantation is the need for a suitable donor from a deceased child. However, it is not impossible for adult liver transplants in infants called lymphatic dysfunction or transplantation.

Biliary atresia cannot be adjacent because it attacks one of the most important internal organs. Therefore we need to be sensitive to recognize the symptoms and immediately checked to the doctor when you realize it. Do not even need to see the apparent signs, once we realize something is not running generally in the baby, we need to immediately take it to the doctor. Hopefully, there is no story of this patient again in the future, with the growing development of technology in the medical field.

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16 Best Ways to Protect Eye Health for Computer Users

16 Best Ways to Protect Eye Health for Computer Users

16 Best Ways to Protect Eye Health for Computer Users - Too long in front of the computer can potentially cause problems in the body, such as the following organs, waist, shoulders, neck, and eyes. Especially for people who every day use the computer and in a long time, it can be high-risk harm to eye health. The eye is one of the five most essential senses for human beings.

Too long using a computer can cause the eyes to become tired quickly, eyes also become tense. Which of these symptoms potentially harm the eye organs.

Tips to Protect Eye Health When Operating The Computer

16 Best Ways to Protect Eye Health for Computer Users

In addition to the eyes become tired and tense, too long working in front of the computer also has the potential to cause the eyes to become watery and even swollen, so it is necessary for those of you who often use the computer to know the correct way of using it, here's the explanation:

1. Keep visibility on the computer screen

It is very dangerous if the profile of the computer is too close. Adjust the clarity of the eye with the monitor screen about 50-80 cm. Visibility with computer monitor screen is very influential with the amount of radiation that is about the eye.

Looking too close to the LCD screen let alone the old model monitor screen (tube shape) to make eye muscles tired and reduce the ability of the eye lens, consequently increase the risk of myopic eyes.

Therefore, try to use it from a distance as far as possible, but still comfortable when reading the writing on the screen, as in the article on the website visited. If necessary, can be tricked by setting the font size to be bigger, easy way (when browsing) set to zoom the site visited, usually do press the combination of "Ctrl" and "+" simultaneously.

2. Note the lighting in the room

One of the biggest causes of eye strain when operating a computer is the lighting in the room (we're using the computer) is too bright. It is advisable to use lights that have a view that is not too bright alias enough. Also not very good if the room lighting is too dark.

Position when using the computer, the lights are above the head, or better if the views are behind your back, so you do not look directly into the light. Hold the position of the glow is not in front of us, because it makes us look directly at the brightness, which of course is not healthy for the eyes

3. Set the display and the lighting level of the computer screen

The rays on the monitor screen can affect the flexibility of the eyes. Therefore it is vital to decrease the brightness of the light on the monitor screen. Adjust the light on the monitor screen so as not to be too sharp (bright), but also not too dim. It would be better to add a glass filter on the monitor screen.

Set the "Brightness" level on the computer to match the lighting conditions in the room where the network is used. The light on the monitor screen should not be brighter than the glow in your room.

Likewise, set the level of "contrast" to be as comfortable as possible. If on a laptop or computer there is a button of the light icon and Fn button. So by pressing the Fn key and the light icon simultaneously (Fn + light icon), can quickly decrease or increase the screen light level.

Also, it would be better to use LCD monitors, because using a better LCD and healthy for the eyes than using a tube type monitor.

4. Do not forget to blink

Do not get because it is so severe to use a computer so forget to blink, eyes that are too long not flashing can become tense, irritated and also dry. Usually, wink as much as 15-18 times in one minute. When the eyes are too tired, to overcome it can by closing the eyes a few seconds, to refresh the eye again.

You can also occasionally, massage the area around the eyes gently (not massage on the eye). Perform slowly rotating movements to make the muscles around the eyes more relaxed. REMEMBER!! Never rub your eyes, because it is dangerous for the eyes.

5. Do not fix on one spot on the screen

Things that can make the eyes and other body parts sore is too fixated on one spot on the screen. Need a refreshing, do not just fixate on one place on the monitor screen in a long time. Likewise as explained before, do not forget to blink.

6. Get enough rest

Do not be too cold to use the computer, so forget about the importance of rest. It is advisable to sleep about 6-8 hours each day, this is an average time to relax for everyone. And do not also forget, at every hour of using the computer then it is advisable to take a break for 5 minutes, to rest the eyes and refresh the mind.

7. Diligent exercise

Although everyday activities are in front of the computer, do not forget to provide time to exercise regularly, the benefits to keep the body condition fresh and fit.

You only need to do simple exercises like jogging or cycling for 15-25 minutes. Do the training as much as 4-7 times a week.

8. Use eye drops

With tired eyes when everyday activities in front of the computer, it is advisable to use eye drops. You just have to do it once in a while. It aims to keep the eyes fresh and avoid hard problems.

9. Adjust the position of the monitor / LCD

You need to set the monitor to be slightly lower than the eye so that the eye will be parallel to the top edge of the monitor. With the angle, the neck will be in a good position and safe, which benefits to prevent the occurrence of pain in the neck and prevent eye muscle tension.

10. Use a high-resolution monitor

The old monitor (old output) tends to blink more, and refresh rate is slower. This causes the eye to be too frequent, to work to adjust the vision on the image on the screen. As a result, the eyes become tired quickly and also can trigger the emergence of dizziness.

11. Clean the screen from the dust

Because it is feared dust can enter the eyes that cause irritation, so need to clean the monitor screen. How to wipe the screen using anti-static liquid, where the fluid is sprayed onto the cloth, then apply to clean the screen, do it slowly, carefully and gently, to avoid the bad things on the screen.

12. Diligent consumption of fruits and vegetables

Generally, in meat, vegetables and fruits contain vitamin that is beneficial for eye health. To maintain eye health, it is the necessary intake of vitamin A is sufficient for the body, the easiest thing to get vitamin An input is diligently consumed fruit and vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables are beneficial to improve eye performance, so as not to feel sleepy when reading on the screen, and help the body to be always fresh.

In one study, states that the content of vitamins and antioxidants efficacious to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and eye disease cataracts.

13. Use the buffer on the book

That is when you want to type from a book, then try to put the book to be right next to the monitor (close distance), can also use the supported buffer for the book so close to the monitor.

The purpose of placing the book right next to the monitor, so that the eye (even the neck) does not need to shift too far while reading the source in the book, to be typed later.

Because if the book is too far from the screen, the movement of the head (to the right and left) becomes too far, which can endanger the neck, eyes and also can cause dizziness.

14. It is recommended to work with a large font size

This is very important when reading the article, especially when editing the writing on the computer screen, which would focus on seeing the book on the screen. For that, it is recommended to use large letters, not to the size of the font is very small.

Because the small font size makes you "forced" to close the face or eyes to the screen, which of course is not good if it is often done.

If the letters are small, then you can zoom in until it is comfortable when to read, When finished editing or reading, the font can be restored to its original size again.

15. Use monitor filters

To keep the display of the monitor, you are also advised to use a special filter glass, which is useful to reduce excessive light and radiation from the computer screen emitted to the body, making it harmful to health, especially in the eye organs. The use of a screen protector is considered useful to reduce the radiation effects emitted from the computer screen.

16. Check the condition of the monitor screen

If the display condition of the image on the monitor is inconsistent, which is sometimes apparent and sometimes bleak so disturbing the eye.

You need to pay attention to the condition of the screen, is it still working optimally or decreasing the quality? So if the monitor screen is not good enough, it is better to replace the monitor than to sacrifice eye health, but do not forget to diligently monitor the dust from dust sticking.

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The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus - How to remove a phlegm cough that is often done by the community is to take medicine from a pharmacy or doctor. Or usually, there is also a cough sufferer who let the disease and have confidence that will surely heal itself. But actually, many ways can be done to cure phlegm, including by natural or traditional style. The use of natural ingredients to treat a cough almost has no side effects. It is also able to remove a cough quickly, not less rapidly with modern medicine.

A cough is one of the most common diseases in the community. A cough is caused by various factors, starting a cough caused by a thing or even a cough which is a symptom of a disease that is being experienced by someone. If you have a prolonged cough or dry phlegm, it should be wary, it could be a symptom of throat cancer, or it could be a sign of lung disorders, possibly bronchitis or other.

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

Although a cough with phlegm is a mild disease, but quite disturbing daily activities if not immediately healed. Coughing up phlegm can be caused by various things, such as viruses, lung infections or respiratory tract, chronic lung disease, stomach acid rise, or it could be caused by smoking. Treating cough with phlegm in a natural way is actually quite potent as well, but may lose prestige because there are no ads about traditional medicine so often forgotten. Here are some ways to treat a phlegm cough naturally that you can try.

1. Tea and Ginger

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

Just read it. You must have been able to imagine how warm and delicious this drink. The thin slice of ginger mixed into warm tea is sufficient enough to help overcome a cough with phlegm. Can be added a little honey so not too bitter (do not add when still hot). Try not to add sugar because it will aggravate your cough. Should consume ginger tea twice a day to cough with your phlegm immediately subside.

2. Carambola

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

Carambola but not star-shaped. This fruit is a small fruit, green and sour taste. This fruit is also quite useful as a way to treat a cough up phlegm in children or in adults. How to make the potion is to mix starfruit with some grains of fennel, a little sugar and a cup of water. Then boil the mixtures and strain the liquid when the potion is getting cold. Drink this herb twice a day until a cough with your phlegm healed.

3. Lime

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

Consuming lime is a way to eliminate coughing up phlegm naturally and quickly, working directly to remove mucus in the throat. Lime may be a traditional remedy to extract the most commonly known a cough. How to make the potion is to mix the juice of lime juice with honey and warm water. The comparison between lime juice, Honey and water are 1: 3: 5. Also, there is also a more natural way and not too much trouble, namely by mixing the lime juice with soy sauce. This method is also quite useful as a way of treating cough with phlegm in children if consumed twice a day with a teaspoon of dose.

4. Turmeric

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

Turmeric that has long been trusted by the community as one of the herbs that can be used as natural cough medicine. How to make a traditional herb for a cough up phlegm is to pound the turmeric, then mixed with honey into a glass of warm milk. Turmeric herb is considered a way of eliminating a fairly productive cough.

5. Warm Water

The Natural Ways to Get Rid Coughing Up Phlegm and Mucus

This is probably the easiest. When you begin to feel that the phlegm in the esophagus is very difficult to remove, consume or at least gargle with warm water to spit more smoothly out of the throat.

That's some natural way to get rid of coughing up phlegm that you can do at home. If the above does not work immediately consult a doctor because it could be a cough that you suffer is not a common cough but a cough due to symptoms of certain diseases.

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Alert! Cancer Symptoms Similar to Common Flu

Alert! Cancer Symptoms Similar to Common Flu

Alert! Cancer Symptoms Similar to Common Flu - Cancer is a disease caused by abnormal growth of body tissue cells that turn into cancer cells. In its development, these cancer cells can spread to other body parts that can cause death. Cancer can affect everyone, in every part of the body, and in all logan ages, but more often happen to people aged 40 years. Disease can cause many different symptoms, depending on the character of the malignancy and its location, and the presence or absence of metastasis.


Alert! Cancer Symptoms Similar to Common Flu

Speaking of disease, of course, is endless. Because, there are so many types of conditions in this world, from common illnesses to deadly. All disorders that can not be underestimated because it will give a worrying impact if one way to overcome them.

Alert! Cancer Symptoms Similar to Common Flu

Like the recent case of horrendous internet netizens in the in the virtual world about cancer like flu. Yes, not long ago there was surprising information about the problem. It is said that it turns out that cancer can come with very vague symptoms unseen because it resembles a flu-like generally.
It was also quite surprising because the patient did not realize that he was suffering from cancer until the end of the stage is very worrying. According to the page, this cancer varies in kind, but the common one is nasopharyngeal cancer, cancer that grows behind the nasal cavity and behind the palate. To be more clear, here are some symptoms of a disease that are difficult to detect its appearance.

1. Frequent Fever and Chills

If a person has the flu, usually this disease comes along with fever and cold temperatures that make the chills. But, it turns out this condition can also be a sign that you are being threatened by cancer cells. Usually, this symptom is also accompanied by a cold sweat release that makes the head dizzy. For that, immediately check with your doctor to make the diagnosis clearer.

2. Often Pain and Pain

Pain and pain is a natural thing experienced by everyone, especially if you do activities that are quite heavy. But what happens if aches and pains often appear even though no action? If you experience it, check with your doctor immediately and never underestimate this abnormal condition. Because, if left alone, the body will get sick from cancer cells that have developed into all organs of the body.

3. Weight Loss

Weight loss due to diet is a natural thing. However, what if the weight suddenly dropped for no apparent reason? Could be, it is a symptom of early-stage cancer. For, however, cancer cells are malignant and can eat away the function of organs in the body. If you experience this, you should immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.

How to Keep Health to Avoid Cancer

Alert! Cancer Symptoms Similar to Common Flu 

To have a healthy and cancer-free body, a healthy and balanced lifestyle is 2 necessary things that must be adequately maintained. A healthy and regular lifestyle can help the body's defense system become stronger so the risk of cancer can be suppressed well. This is indeed not difficult, for those who have been used to running it for a long time, because it has become a fun habit for them.

But even though we do not have healthy habits like this, it never hurts to immediately begin to implement a healthy lifestyle in the US. This will bring many positive effects on the body, in addition to preventing various diseases of course, including cancer itself. For your body to stay healthy and avoid cancer, take the following steps carefully:
  1. Healthy Food Consumption
  2. Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol
  3. Keeping Weight Balance
  4. Good Sleep Patterns and Balanced Balance
  5. Regular Sports

Cancer becomes the most feared disease because it causes the highest death. To avoid the risk of this disease, start applying a healthy lifestyle early on. Various healthy habits that we run with discipline will significantly help us prevent cancer and also various other disorders from an early age. 

Benefits of Milk Bath for Beauty and How to Make It

Benefits of Milk Bath for Beauty and How to Make It

Benefits of Milk Bath for Beauty and How to Make It - For those of you who pay particular attention to the skin, milk bath may be an exciting alternative. Milk bath is believed to be useful to remove dead skin cells and moisturize dry skin. Reportedly, queens of ancient Egypt had used milk to beautify their skin. Until now, people believe that milk is not only good for beauty, but also for skin health.

Benefits Of Milk Bath For Beauty

Benefits of Milk Bath for Beauty and How to Make It

Also, to drink directly, the benefits of milk can also be obtained by applying directly to the skin or used as a mixture for the milk bath. Here are some benefits of milk bath:

1. Moisturize and smooth the skin

Milk contains natural fats that act as a skin moisturizer. Also, dairy (especially mildly soured milk) also contains lactic acid as a natural skin exfoliator that is able to moisturize the skin and remove dead skin cells. Peeling agent is what makes the skin feel smoother after you take a bath of milk. You can add 1 cup of milk powder, ½ cup of honey, and 1 cup of oatmeal into the water for a milk bath. With so not only the benefits of milk that you feel but also honey that helps maintain skin moisture and grain that prevent eczema. If your skin tends to be sensitive, you can bathe the milk by mixing 1 cup of milk powder and ½ cup cornstarch kanji.

2. Relieves itching on the skin

Skin itchy and scaly because of psoriasis skin disease? Reduce by soaking in lukewarm or lukewarm water mixed with milk, salt, mineral oil, honey, or olive oil. Research shows that these ingredients are moisturizing the skin and can help relieve the symptoms of itching and dry skin in psoriasis conditions. Once done, do not forget to apply moisturizing cream on the surface to get the maximum benefit.

3. Overcoming dry skin when pregnant

Hormonal changes in pregnant women can make skin moisture and elasticity decreases. As a result, the skin can become dry and flaky. One solution that can be done to moisturize the skin of pregnant women is by a milk bath. Way, mix 2 cups of milk powder, ½ cup cornstarch, and ½ cup baking soda into warm bath water. Then soak for about 10 minutes.

4. Moisturize the skin and soothe the baby

In addition to pregnant women, milk bath can also be an option to help moisturize and clean the baby's skin. You can mix 1 cup of milk powder and ½ cup cornstarch into the bath water of Little One. If Little Person is fussy, you can add 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil or chamomile to help her to calm down. If you want to try a baby milk bath, you should not use raw milk that has not been sterilized because of the risk of infection in infants. Before deciding to bathe the baby with milk, try to apply a mixture of milk bath water on the skin, if there is a rash reaction on the surface of Little or Little look uncomfortable, you should not bathe with milk.

Benefits of Milk Bath for Beauty and How to Make It

The benefits of milk are not only can be obtained by drinking it, but also with a milk bath. You can do it yourself at home without having to spend a lot of money. However, if a milk bath makes itchy skin, rashes, or irritation, it means you may have an allergic reaction to milk. You can consult a doctor to be sure and get the right treatment.

The Benefits of Aloe Vera as a Face Mask and How to Make it


The Benefits of Aloe Vera as a Face Mask and How to Make it - There are many types of facial masks, one of which is a face mask of aloe vera. Aloe vera is a natural ingredient commonly used in skin care because it contains amino acids, enzymes, vitamins and has antimicrobial and inflammatory effects. What are the benefits of aloe vera for facial skin and how to make masks will be discussed in this review, please see below!

The Benefits of Aloe Vera

The Benefits of Aloe Vera as a Face Mask and How to Make it

Benefits of aloe vera have been known for thousands of years ago. Historically, this plant is also known as a plant that is able to cure various skin diseases and is useful as a laxative.
Along with the development of time, aloe vera plant is increasingly believed as a traditional medicinal plant that can handle various conditions. Here are 7 benefits of the aloe vera plant.

1. Sunburn

Applying aloe vera to the sun-burnt skin can help to cure the epithelial layer, or the cells covering the body. This can help add moisture loss, and the antioxidant properties of aloe vera can help the skin heal faster.

2. Moisturizer

Aloe vera is an ideal moisturizer for those who have oily skin or who use mineral based makeup because it adds moisture without making the oily skin. Men can use aloe vera as a moisturizer after shaving to help heal minor wounds that occur when grazing.

3. Acne

Aloe vera contains gibberellin and auxin hormones that have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Gibberellin helps the body grow new cells on the skin. Aloe vera can also relieve itching and blistering, as it also helps minimize the effects of skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

4. Aging skin

Antioxidants in aloe vera include vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene. These ingredients work to keep skin hydrated and to combat signs of aging.

5. Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused when the skin layer is torn due to excessive stretching. It usually appears after weight gain, pregnancy or weight loss. Applying aloe vera can help cure the problem of stretch marks.

6. Pigmentation

Aloe vera can help reduce the intensity of pigmentation, relieve dark spots on the face. Aloe vera can also improve skin looks radiant, soft and smooth.

7. Wounds

Various skin problems including burns, eczema, inflammation, psoriasis or injuries can be helped by products containing aloe vera. Aloe vera helps to calm the pain associated with insect bites, frostbite, blister burns and more. Aloe vera can also remove the growth of fungi or bacteria that can attack open wounds.

How To Make Aloe Vera Face Mask

The Benefits of Aloe Vera as a Face Mask and How to Make it

Well, for those of you who want natural beauty treatments, can also use this aloe vera plant as a solution. Here's how to make aloe vera mask that is useful for skin beauty treatment.

1. Normal Skin

Mix 1 tbsp aloe vera gel with 1 tbsp gram flour and 1sdt orange. Apply mask on face and neck, do not get the eye. Leave on for 30 minutes.

2. Oily skin

Boil aloe and blender until it becomes thick paste add a few drops of honey. Apply this mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water. Apply this mask once a week to clear acne.

3. Sensitive Skin

Mix aloe vera gel with cucumber juice and add three drops of rose water or essential oil. Apply this mask on the neck and face for 15 minutes before washing it with plain water.

4. Dry Skin

Combine the aloe vera gel with shea butter and olive oil to form a thick paste. Apply this to the neck and face for 20 minutes before washing it with cold water to lock in moisture.

That's, the benefits of facial mask aloe face and how to make it, may be useful and help make your skin more beautiful.

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The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep - Adequate sleep is one of the great living habits for the health of the body of course. Also, with enough sleep, make the body becomes fitter and more passionate to live the day. However, for those of you who have a myriad of activities and the number of office or college duties, certainly applying enough sleep is quite tricky for you, which ultimately makes you a headache due to lack of sleep earlier.

For those of you who are challenging to get enough sleep, of course, you often feel the constant headaches resulting from the lack of your sleep time, even to cause a severe throbbing problem which is undoubtedly very disturbing a number of your activities.

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

A study from Missouri State University states that when your sleep time is interrupted or lack of sleep, it causes REM phase in disturbed sleep, which by it can alter some proteins in the brain that play a significant role in suppressing or triggering pain. Also, when you lack sleep, the supply of oxygen that leads to your mind to be disturbed, eventually will lead to headaches due to lack of sleep. Here are some tips you can do to overcome dizziness due to lack of sleep while doing daily activities:

1. Drink a lot of water

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

How to cope with dizziness due to lack of sleep the first is by drinking lots of water. Water is the best type of water for your body's health. And for those of you who are sleep deprived, the water is able to thin the blood that thickens on you who lack sleep. The clotted blood is the result of the blood lacking oxygen when you are sleep deprived.

2. Hot tea

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

When you wake up and feel the parts of your head feel dizzy throbbing from lack of sleep, try to consume tea. Because the tea contained content that can relax the muscles of the eyes and also the head and brain are tense.

3. Consume yogurt

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

How to cope with dizziness due to lack of sleep next to is to consume yogurt. Yogurt is rich in good bacteria, and also some other vitamins that can relieve dizziness due to lack of sleep.

4. Compress with cucumber

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

Inside this cucumber contains nutrients and also high water that can make the blood flow around your eyes to be smooth. So that automatically can make sense of dizziness due to lack of sleep was lost instantly.

5. Basil leaves

The Powerful Way to Overcome Dizziness and Headaches Due to Lack of Sleep

With a potent basil leaf reduce a headache due to lack of sleep you are experiencing. The content is able to get rid of the pain in the head. The trick is, by soaking the basil leaves on a cup of warm milk you, and let stand for 5-10 minutes, then drink each before bed for how to cope with dizziness due to lack of sleep.

In addition to the various ways above, the most potent way actually is to try to break or close your eyes briefly. Try to take a nap before 12 noon for about 10-15 minutes, then your headache will disappear, and you will be fit again.

Another risk because of lack of sleep

Although symptoms of dizziness due to lack of sleep can be overcome, it helps you keep your activities so as not to disrupt your sleep time. Because in addition to causing dizziness or headaches when the event, this lack of sleep can also have an adverse impact on your body, here are some dangers resulting from lack of sleep:

1. Inhibits growth

For those of you who are still in its infancy, lack of sleep can cause your extension to be hampered. This is because at the time of lack of sleep the body that must be issued hormones for sufficient growth to be disrupted in the production of growth hormone. Heart

2. Disturbance of concentration

When you are sleep deprived, the functions of the brain tissues will slowly be disrupted and over time will lose its purpose. This results in a decrease in your concentration power, making you difficult to concentrate.

3. Heart disease

Lack of sleep is one cause of heart disease in the body. This is because, when you are not getting enough sleep, the blood vessels and heart work become ineffective. And if it is left in the long term, will cause a person affected by heart disease.

4. Depression

The danger of lack of sleep next to is that lack of sleep can cause a person depressed. With your lack of sleep time, brain function becomes distracted which ultimately causes you to become irritable, over-worried, irritable and other psychological disorders that can cause depression.

5. Obesity

When you lack sleep, the body will have a high appetite. This is because of the production of leptin as an appetite generator increases, which makes you have a big enough feeding drive.

Those are some ways to cope with dizziness due to lack of sleep, along with other sleep hazards. Therefore, get used to sleep enough, to keep the body fit and stay awake health.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

How to Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

How to Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

Healthints Pregnancy can make your body that can regulate the pain in the back area. Such discomfort often occurs during the second half of pregnancy.

Back pain during pregnancy can also attack the sacroiliac joint (the area where the hip bone meets the spine). The feeling you can do to lean forward. You may also have difficulty while away for long periods, light loads, wearing and undressing, getting out of bed, or standing up from a sitting position.

How to Overcome Back Pain During Pregnancy

Several things allow you to experience back pain during pregnancy. Here's the explanation:

1. Hormonal changes
Your bones and joints are connected by a connective tissue called ligaments. When pregnant, your body produces a relaxing hormone that allows the ligaments to relax, and the joints become loose to prepare the body for delivery. Our spine is supported by ligaments. When the hormone changes, the ligaments are affected, the ligaments become loose and disturb the body's balance and trigger the pain.

2. Weight Gain
Usually, healthy pregnant women will experience weight gain between 11-15 kg. The spinal cord that serves as the support of the body will be weighed down by this weight gain, so the pain arises in the area, especially the lower back. You are also more likely to experience back pain when you are overweight.

3. Baby development
The more the age of the womb, the higher the fetus and the higher the belly of the mother. This development can suppress the blood vessels and nerves in the pelvic area and back.

4. Changes in posture
Without you knowing it, your position may gradually change, because pregnancy can shift the center of gravity or the center of gravity of your body. Similarly, the style of your way. It can also cause back pain.

5. Stress
When stressed, the muscles in your back are tense, which can eventually feel like back pain.

6. Muscles become separated
The tissue that travels from the ribs to the pubic bone may be separated by enlargement of the uterus. Separation of these muscles may worsen the back pain you experience.

Several things allow you to experience back pain during pregnancy. Here's the explanation:

1. Massage
Ask your partner to massage the bottom and muscles all over his back. Massage can relieve fatigue, muscle pain, and possibly ease the pain.

2. Compress
You can compress your back with a towel filled with ice cubes. Compress for 20 minutes several times a day. After three days, replace with a tap into a hot air bottle onto your back. This compression may help relieve pain. Be careful not to compress you.

3. Posture Attitude
Try not to turn around while lifting things or bending down while sitting. You also object to not linger in one position. The back pain can also be relieved by something sideways with a pillow between the knee and the lower back while sitting. Stand back while sitting, standing, or Sticking the occasional button in the direction that is comfortable for you, can also help relieve back pain.

4. Doing Exercise
Regular exercise can increase the speed and flexibility, this can reduce the rate of your spine. Safe use during pregnancy is through static bikes, walking, and swimming. You can make the abdominal muscles can also ease back pain. Way, you can start with a crawling position. The position of the hands under the shoulders with the fingers facing forwards and knees under the hips. Straighten your back. After that, you can pull the muscle toward the ceiling until it looks curved back surface. Then you can lower the head to neck and shoulders relax. But remember, do not let your elbows bend. Make sure your answer is at the beginning in a straight position, not curved down. Perform the movement gradually and rhythmically as much as 10 times.

5. Acupuncture
This alternative treatment may help relieve pain. If you decide to do acupuncture, choose who chooses an experienced and experienced expert.

6. Chiropractic
Chiropractic manipulation of the spine It is safe to do during pregnancy. However, consult your obstetrician before doing this treatment and select a trusted chiropractic practice.

7. Taking Medication
Drugs that can increase this pain and safe to eat during pregnancy is Acetaminophen. However, you should still consult a doctor first before taking them. During pregnancy, there are no high heels. If you want to do something, bend your legs first, do not bow.

If the pain persists or even worsens, consult a doctor immediately.

Foods to Maintain and Boost Immune System

Foods to Maintain and Boost Immune System

Foods to Maintain and Boost Immune System - "Better to prevent than to cure" so the saying goes of course you agree. One of the preventive measures against disease is to ensure the condition of the immune system. The immune system in humans functions to :
1. Protect the body from viruses, bacteria that can cause disease
2. Destroying foreign microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.)
3. Eliminate dead cells
4. Antidote the presence of malignant cells and destroy cells cancerous cells
5. Keep the body from the microorganism (bacteria, virus, etc.)

Foods to Maintain and Boost the Immune System

In addition to maintaining endurance with regular exercise, some foods can also help give a positive effect on improving body immunity.
Foods to Maintain and Boost Immune System

Eating food is a routine activity every day. Foods that contain antioxidants can help keep your immune system healthy to prevent flu infections during the rainy season. Antioxidants are compounds that can destroy the cause of cell damage. Here are some foods that can boost immunity:

1. Wheat

Wheat has some content such as zinc, antioxidants, and vitamin B. Wheat also contains fibre, protein and some healthy fats.

2. Low-fat yoghurt

Yoghurt contains probiotics that can help to reduce flu severity.

3. Tea

Tea has antioxidant content of polyphenols and flavonoids that work against disease. Antioxidants work by searching for free radicals that damage cells and will destroy them. Tea that can be used is various like green tea, white or black. Caffeinated or decaffeinated tea can work well.

4. Sweet potatoes

Like carrots, sweet potatoes contain beta-carotene which will be converted into vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A can repair the damage caused by free radicals. So it can help improve the immune system and can even slow the ageing process.

5. Broccoli

Broccoli contains vitamin A, C, and antioxidant glutathione. These nutrients can protect the body from damage and become a booster of the immune system.

6. Spinach

Spinach has a lot of nutrients in which one of them is folate. Folate has a function to help the body make new cells and repair DNA. Spinach also contains fibre, antioxidants such as vitamin C. To get the most benefit from spinach should be consumed in raw or semi-cooked conditions.

7. Chicken Soup

Homemade chicken soup can help relieve symptoms and help to recover quickly from influenza. In chicken soup has a chemical substance carnosine that can protect the body from the flu virus.

8. Ginger

Ginger is not just helping to relieve nausea and vomiting. Ginger can also be a good source of antioxidants. Antioxidants in ginger work best on the body if used directly instead of instant ginger drink.

9. Garlic

Raw garlic can help fight skin infections because it can fight bacteria, viruses, and fungi. To get the benefits, you should use the original garlic. Garlic supplements can also help lower cholesterol.

10. Watermelon

Watermelon is not only refreshing but also contains many antioxidants called glutathione. The content can strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection. Glutathione content in watermelon is more on the flesh near the skin.

11. Papaya

Papaya is one fruit that contains vitamin C. One papaya fruit can provide 224% of vitamin C needed in a day. Papaya also contains papain that can reduce the occurrence of inflammation.

12. Fruits that have citrus content

Vitamin C is a much-sought-after vitamin when it starts to catch influenza. This is because it can help build the immune system. To fight infection, white blood cells become the key. Consuming vitamin C is believed to increase the production of white blood cells. Citrus fruits are such as oranges, lemons, limes or grapefruit.

So, now you can enrich our daily dishes with a variety of foods that in addition to inviting the taste, also have a positive impact, especially in improving the body's immune (immunity). Prevention is always better, isn't it?

Friday, July 6, 2018

20 Benefits of Banana for Body Health

20 Benefits of Banana for Body Health

20 Benefits of Banana for Body Health - Banana is one of the most famous fruits in the world. Its existence was not considered rare because almost all over the world there is the banana. Also, this fruit also includes the most widely consumed fruit.

Banana is of many kinds. All of these types of banana are good for consumption, exceptionally very well by pregnant moms to help fetal growth. This is because the banana contains nutrients such as potassium and folic acid. Banana helps the body to store reserves of calcium, phosphorus, and nitrogen, which work to build and regenerate tissues in the body.

The health benefits that may come from consuming banana include lowering the risk of cancer, asthma, lowering blood pressure and improving heart health. Details of the nutrient content of medium-sized banana are (about 126 grams) that are considered one serving. Each serving of banana contains 1 gram of protein, 30 grams of carbohydrate and 110 calories. Also, the banana provides a variety of vitamins and minerals :
  • Vitamin B6 - 0.5 mg
  • Manganese - 0.3 mg
  • Vitamin C - 9 mg
  • Potassium - 450 mg
  • Fiber - 3g
  • Protein - 1 g
  • Magnesium - 34 mg
  • Folate - 25.0 mcg
  • Riboflavin - 0.1 mg
  • Niacin - 0.8 mg
  • Vitamin A - 81 IU
  • Iron - 0.3 mg


20 Benefits of Banana for Health 

20 Benefits of Banana for Body Health

1. Rich in vitamins and fiber

Banana has 2 times carbohydrates and 5 times more vitamin A than apples. Banana is rich in potassium content with levels of 400mg in medium-size banana. Therefore, this fruit must be consumed to keep the heart healthy.

2. Energy sources

The content of carbohydrates contained in the banana can be a source of energy for the body. If the banana is consumed 2 pieces a day, it can increase the body's immune system and increase power to perform daily activities.

3. Improve brain health

Banana can also help improve brain health is to consume regularly and as much as 3 times a day as desserts.

4. Treating acne

To treat acne by using a banana, first, destroy the ripe banana fruit and then puree. Then apply on acne prone skin. Let stand for a few minutes and then wipe with water. Repeat this for several days until the acne is gone and the skin becomes clean.

5. Smoothing facial skin

For those who have problems with rough or dry skin, banana becomes the solution. Like how to treat acne, first destroy the banana then puree then add with a spoon of honey. Use to be a face mask. Routine and facial skin will become smooth.

6. Lose weight

Benefits of banana to lose weight. For those who have problems with weight conditions, then by diligent exercise and regular consumption of banana can help you lose weight. This is because banana has a relatively small calorie content.

7. Overcoming diabetes

There is one type of banana that is very suitable for diabetics, is banana originating from Gorontalo, Indonesia, namely Goroho is steamed and mixed with grated young coconut. Can be used as additional food for diabetics.

8. Balances the amount of fluid

The body needs a balanced amount of liquid and enough to support all the organ's performance. Therefore, the potassium content in banana plays a vital role to help balance the amount of fluid in the body.

9. Treating ulcer

When the body suffers from the sore, banana is often used as a solution. This is because banana contains acid-fighting substances in the body and so can relieve ulcer.

10. Overcoming anemia

Banana has a high enough iron content that is suitable for people with anemia. Consume 2 banana per day on a regular basis. Benefits of banana to overcome the lack of red blood cells or anemia.

11. Healthy Bones

Consuming banana on a regular basis can serve to help nourish the bones. Because the manganese contained in banana is very high.

12. Prevent heart disease

Banana can be used to prevent heart disease, this is because banana contains vitamin C and flavonoids that are antioxidants and can avoid the process of fat oxidation. Potassium contained in banana is an excellent tonic for heart health. Pectin fiber has an effect on helping to lower cholesterol. 

13. Heals burns

Burns can also be cured using one part of the banana plant. The way to burn banana leaves then take the ashes mixed with coconut oil. Applies to skin burns.

14. Streamlining the digestive system

Banana can help the digestive system work better so that various nutrients from food consumed can be absorbed and used the body optimally. The simple way is just to drink routine.

15. Smooth blood circulation

Potassium contained in banana is useful to help the body's flow. In the end the distribution of oxygen to the brain more smoothly. Potassium can also help flatten the heartbeat, reduce the risk of stroke, and regulate blood pressure.

16. Overcome the itch due to mosquito bites

The annoying mosquito bites and the resulting itching can be removed with banana. Take banana peels and apply consistently to areas containing mosquito bites.

17. Reduce pain when menstruating

Especially for women If every time your menstruation often feel pain, then overcome the problem with a banana. Expand the consumption of banana then the pain can be reduced.

18. Improve Mood

Banana is useful to help improve mood so that the atmosphere becomes stable and so as not to stress.

19. Reduces swelling

Banana is used to reduce swelling, protect the risk of type II diabetes, strengthen the nervous system, help you lose weight, and help produce white blood cells. This is due to high levels of vitamin B-6 in the banana.

20. Treating constipation

Banana can be used as natural constipation drugs. This fruit can serve to help facilitate defecation. By eating the banana to avoid the hardening of the stool which is the initial symptom of constipation.

That's 20 benefits of banana for the healthy body. Eat the banana to prevent heart attacks, help digestion, lower cholesterol, and much more.