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The Natural Beauty Tips Without Expensive Care

The Natural Beauty Tips Without Expensive Care

The Natural Beauty Tips Without Expensive Care - For those of you who want to look naturally beautiful, no need to bother using all kinds of drugs or surgery with high costs. Just find out various natural beauty tips and apply them with discipline. Guaranteed, your natural beauty will radiate by itself.

Beautiful is not only from the outside, but there is also a beautiful inside. Beauty is also influenced by treatments related to health in your body, such as healthy food and drinks consumed.

Inside Care

The first natural beauty tips you need to do are take care of the beauty from within. One of the most important is to start by drinking lots of water. A body that contains enough water and is well hydrated will make the skin healthier and not dry, so it does not look wrinkled or dull.

You also need to take vitamins and minerals that can help you look more beautiful. Foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids, such as some types of fish, are excellent sources of fat for the skin without clogging the pores. This omega-3 fatty acid content can also help you avoid the dry and dull skin.

Eating foods that are good for digestion, such as whole wheat bread, are also recommended. Foods rich in fiber content can help facilitate absorption. Healthy digestion makes your skin more beautiful. Other types of food needed are those that contain vitamins A, C, E, zinc, and selenium. Foods with these ingredients are required by the body to get beautiful skin and a healthy body.

Also, avoid things that have absolutely no benefit for your body. One of them is smoking. The adverse effects of smoking not only make the organs in your body damaged but also contribute to the appearance of wrinkles and make the skin look older and dull.

Outside Care

After treating beauty from within. Next natural beauty tips are to provide physical care for your hair, face, and body. Here are tips that you can do quickly and naturally:

1. Keep the beauty of the nose with avocados

This natural moisturizing mixture can make your hair softer, but still not too oily. The material is also quite easy. You only need 1 avocado, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 2 teaspoons of thick cream. Mix the ingredients, then apply it to the hair after shampooing. Let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse. This moisturizing mixture can keep the scalp's moisture level balanced.

2. Bright and soft face with a papaya mask

The next ingredient is a papaya mask. This natural face mask contains an enzyme that can help exfoliate the skin. This is what makes the skin brighter and softer. The only ingredients you need are papaya which has been destroyed. But do not just put it straight away. Let the face evaporate using a warm water basin for 8 minutes. You cover the top of the head with a towel so that the steam does not run out quickly or spread. After that, then apply a papaya mask and let stand for 10 minutes. Then, rinse your face thoroughly.

3. Ban dead skin cells with coffee scrubs

Not only good to drink, but it turns out coffee is also good for your skin's health. One way is to make coffee as a scrub, which can help you to remove dead skin cells and make your skin clean and radiant. The ingredients you need include 2 teaspoons of massage oil, 100 grams of sea salt or sugar, and 400 grams of coffee powder. Mix all ingredients, then when bathing, rub your body using a coffee scrub with a circular motion and slightly pressed. Then rinse thoroughly. These fine coffee grains will work like scrubs that remove dead skin cells.

4. Perform routine exercise

Sports is the next natural beauty tips. Activity can increase blood flow, which will bring nutrients and oxygen throughout the body. That's the reason why doing exercise can help you nourish skin cells, and make your skin look healthier and more beautiful.

Previously, you need to remember to use a sunscreen at least with SPF 15 before you act outdoors. The goal is to protect the skin from the dangers of the sun. You repeat the use after sweating, swimming, or every two hours.

Natural beauty will undoubtedly look more attractive than beautiful with too many makeup and aesthetic actions. If you want to look beautiful even without makeup, try doing excellent natural tips above to add to the aura of your beauty. Of course, you also have to be disciplined in carrying out various treatments. If necessary, consult your dermatologist further.

Top 9 Remedies to Get Rid of Scars on the Face

Top 9 Remedies to Get Rid of Scars on the Face
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Top 9 Remedies to Get Rid of Scars on the Face - It's not nice to have a scar, especially if it's on the face. You need to know how to get rid of facial injuries that are right and effective so that they no longer interfere with appearance.

There are various choices regarding how to remove scars on the face. You can use scar removal cream, plastic surgery, or apply makeup, so the wounds are blurred. The choice of how to remove scars on the face can be adjusted to the needs and the size of the injury.

9 Ways to Get Rid of Scars on the Face

Scars on the face can be caused by zits, infections, inflammation, burning, accidents, or postoperative effects. Scarring in the form of scar tissue is the result of the body's natural process of healing wounds.

Although usually, the scars will fade on their own from time to time, there are also those that feel very disturbing appearance. No wonder some people undergo medical procedures to eliminate or disguise them.

There are various ways to remove scars on the face that can be taken. Here are a few:

1. Using a cream or gel

To deal with injuries caused by scratches, sharp creams, ointments or gel scar removal can be an option. Usually, over-the-counter creams contain a mixture of steroids, vitamin E, and silicon. In addition to the steroid content, doctors can also prescribe an antihistamine drug on itchy scars. If the injury is caused by zits, it is advisable to consult a dermatologist before using this wound removal cream.

2. Wear silicone gel tape

Prominent scars, such as keloids and hypertrophic scarring, can also be helped by silicone gel tape. Silicone gel plaster is able to brighten and reduce the size of scars. You are advised to use silicone gel tape for 4 hours every day in 3 months to get maximum results.

3. Collagen Injections

To get rid of scars on the face, it can also be done by injecting collagen or other fillers. This procedure is usually temporary, so it needs to be done repeatedly to maintain the effect.

4. Inject corticosteroids

How to get rid of facial scars due to keloids or hypertrophic can be done with corticosteroid injections. Several times a small dose is given to the wound to flatten the scar and reduce the occurrence of inflammation. Although this procedure usually cannot eliminate injuries as a whole, it can significantly reduce its size.

5. Plastic surgery

If facial sores are caused by keloids, surgery will usually be combined with steroid injections. While for hypertrophic scarring, this operation can be performed without other procedures being combined. Plastic surgery is effective in removing long scars, but sometimes it can also cause new injuries.

6. Using laser technology

How to reduce facial scars that are now commonly done is to use laser technology. This procedure can significantly eliminate or reduce facial injuries. The possibility of being lost entirely will depend on how severe the scar is.

7. Radiotherapy

To reduce the recurrence of keloid scars and hypertrophy of surgical scars, radiation in small doses may help. It's just that, the use of radiotherapy is only devoted to severe cases given the long-term effects that are not good for health.

8. Skin needling technique

This technique is done by using a tool that has hundreds of small needles. It's just that this must be done repeatedly to be effective, and the results vary depending on each individual.

9. Wrap the wound

How to remove scars on the face can also be done by wrapping the wounds with an elastic material. The purpose of this procedure is to smooth and soften the scar. Usually, this procedure is performed on a large burn scar or after someone has done a skin graft. This procedure can take up to half a year and wound dressing should not be removed.

There are various ways to remove scars on the face that can be an option. You can choose the type of treatment wisely and as needed. Also, make sure that all the actions you take are under the supervision of a dermatologist to get maximum results and stay safe.

Long-Distance Running is Not Always Beneficial for Health

Long Distance Running is Not Always Beneficial for Health
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Long Distance Running is Not Always Beneficial for Health - Running is a free exercise activity that can be relied upon to burn more calories and can be done anywhere. Long distance running activities are increasingly favored by urbanites because they are believed to increase bone density and protect the body from osteoporosis. However, it should also be noted that based on research, long-distance runners are vulnerable to injury.

Running sports have long been associated with a variety of health benefits, but long-distance running, such as running a marathon, is not always beneficial for health. Long preparation time, high discipline, and real commitment are needed to run a marathon, a factor that can sometimes end tragically for a perpetrator running away.

There are two obstacles faced by a distance runner, namely:

1. Running long distances is at high risk of injury and heart attack
This fact is usually experienced by beginner long distance runners. The effects of extreme training, especially running a marathon, can make the body healthier and resistant to diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. But on the other hand, making runners vulnerable to knee pain and leg fractures. Not to mention, making it a high risk of having an allergy and asthma attack.

The study also found five cases of death and six cases of resuscitation due to heart failure that attacked experienced runners. It is estimated that less than a third of cases of heart failure attack long-distance runners at the finish line and the rest occur at a distance of 10-42 kilometers.

2. Running long distances risks shortening your age?
Is it true that more claims about the amount of distance and frequency of running have the potential to reduce the lifespan of a long-distance runner? Recent research suggests that long-distance runners tend to have shorter lifespans than short or medium distance runners. However, this study has not been able to explain the cause in more detail.

Responding to this, the researchers recommended avoiding more than one hour of non-strenuous exercise. Also, try to do jogging with a slow to the medium tempo of around 2-3 hours per week.

Follow These Suggestions before Running Long Distance

To avoid injury, start with a warm-up motion of about five minutes, such as walking in a place, brisk walking, lifting each knee alternately, walking sideways, or up and down stairs without hurrying. After warming up, a short break and long distance run are ready to continue. But even though the physical is prepared and the mind is in focus, it is advisable to start running long distances by running slowly interspersed with the road first, while increasing the speed and distance gradually.

Also, you can also do interval training to increase running speed. Interval training focuses on high-intensity exercises interspersed with low-intensity activities. In other words, running fast is scattered by running slowly. Do not force long distance running if the body condition is not possible. If this happens, consult your doctor before starting a long distance run.

2 Simple Best Ways to Remove Belly Fat

2 Simple Best Ways to Remove Belly Fat
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2 Simple Best Ways to Remove Belly Fat  - Belly fat is a problem that often affects many people. Belly fat usually makes the owner uncomfortable, the reason being that it will reduce self-confidence in appearance. Also, belly fat is also a source of various diseases.

Because the state of abdominal fat is considered a problem, so many people are looking for ways to overcome it. Overcoming stomach fat does not have to spend a lot of money because there are two most effective ways to remove belly fat.

The first is with fitness training and the second is to maintain a diet. Both methods are straightforward but can to overcome the problems you complain about for those who have belly fat. And both ways are the best way of having to do liposuction surgery which is likely dangerous if done carelessly. Many people have done this method and got satisfying results provided you diligently do it.

How to Remove Belly Fat with Fitness Training

Fitness is the right step and quickly reduce belly fat. By doing movements centred on the legs, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks, the fat in this section will be destroyed by the fitness exercises performed. Fitness is very useful in burning fat because the energy released when making movements is quite large even though the actions are static. Only in a short time, fitness to eliminate calories is quite large. Below are some fitness exercises to reduce belly fat.

1. Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is a device used for sports and is commonly found in fitness centres. Using this tool, you can do a combination using 2 movements, namely the road and as if you were climbing a ladder. When you do this movement for 30 minutes, then you will feel the results directly. In addition to effectively reducing belly fat, this movement is also very effective at burning fat on the arms and thighs. With this movement, your stomach will become tighter.

2. Ball Crunch

When you go to the gym, there you will find a sport called the ball crunch. This sport uses large balls as a tool. The movements carried out are almost similar to doing sit-ups, but the difference in this movement is the feet below. The benefit of this exercise is to push the abdominal muscles so that they become tighter.

3. Sit-ups

As we already know, sit-ups are a powerful way to reduce belly fat. When doing sit-ups, put your body straight, place your hands behind your head, then lift and push your body forward. The benefits of pushing forward will tighten the abdominal muscles and make them evener.

4. Walk or Run with a Treadmill

The treadmill is one of the fitness tools that underneath there is a steel plate that can move like an elevator. When using this tool, you just need to stand up and adjust the movement speed according to what you want. Step your foot along with the movement on the plate used to step on. If the calories haven't burned completely, then you can maximise them at high speed.

5. Cycling

In the fitness centre, there is one tool that resembles a bicycle but it is static. Like a bicycle, this tool has a seat, a handle and a pedal for pedalling. Well, when you drive, then the clutch as if it were cycling, but only the legs and body that move is not a tool. When doing this movement, the feet will rise to the stomach. And this is what will make your stomach slim because fat will burn.

How to Remove Belly Fat by Maintaining a Diet

Having a flat stomach is indeed the dream of everyone, especially women, well for women if you do not have free time to exercise such as fitness exercises you can try this one, which is to maintain a diet to remove belly fat.

Eating food irregularly or eating large portions of food clearly makes your stomach stretch and eventually bloat. Of course, this condition will worsen your appearance. Here's how to remove belly fat by maintaining a diet:

1. Breakfast 200 Calories

You must diligently count the calories that enter your body to be healthy. Besides being healthy, keeping the calories in can shrink the distended stomach. If it's 200 calories in the morning, you can consume a piece of toast with a little jam, or one egg and a glass of milk. You can eat it every day.

2. Lunch 400 Calories

If you eat 200 calories, for lunch you can consume twice as much. This average calorie size is a healthy portion when you eat lunch. Remember, don't overeat.

3. Dinner 400 Calories

Well, this dinner is usually a source of fat if done after 8 p.m. or 9 p.m. People who go on an average meal dinner before that time.

4. Lots of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Eating fruits and vegetables is indeed very good for our body because it contains a lot of fibre. It is what makes you full longer. So you can adjust your diet, so you don't chew too often. This fruit or vegetable is very suitable for you to consume if after lunch for an hour or two hours then you are hungry again.

5. Avoid Not Eating

Because you want to eliminate belly fat, so you don't eat? It was wrong. Because you still need to eat so that the stomach continues to work at least 3 times a day. But make sure to consume foods that are low in calories and also rich in nutrients.

6. Avoid Alcoholic Beverages

Never consume alcoholic beverages if you want to have a flat stomach. You better drink only water.

7. Don't Eat 3 Hours Before Sleeping

If you want your stomach to be flat, try to get your distance to eat by sleeping more than 3 hours.

8. Sleep Regularly

You also have to sleep regularly if you want to get rid of belly fat successfully. For adults, it usually takes six to eight hours of sleep after a day of activity.

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A Healthy Diet Plan for Adult Women

A Healthy Diet Plan for Adult Women
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A Healthy Diet Plan for Adult Women - For women, a healthy diet gives you energy, supports your mood, maintains your weight, and can be the excellent support for going through different stages in life. Healthy foods can also help reduce suffering after menstruation, increase fertility, make it easier for you to go through pregnancy and lactation, and relieve menopausal symptoms. Whatever your age, a healthy diet will help you embrace the best version of yourself so, you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Recommended Adult Women's Nutrition Needs

Women have different nutritional needs from men, and the dietary needs of each woman will vary depending on your height and weight, age, and level of activity. So, use the guide below as a general benchmark.

The following are calorie intake that must be limited by adult women according to the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines released by the US Ministry of Health:

1. Women aged 19 to 30 years
For women 19 to 30 years old, they must limit their maximum daily calorie intake to 2,000 if it is inactive, 2,200 if somewhat active, and 2,400 if it is hectic.

2. Women aged 31 to 50 years
Women aged 31 to 50 must limit their daily calorie intake to a maximum of 1,800 calories if inactive, 2,000 if somewhat active, and 2,200 is very busy.

3. Women aged 51 years and above
Women aged 51 or older must limit daily calorie intake to 1,600 if it is inactive, 1,800 if active enough, and 2,200 is very busy.

The portion of Healthy Eating for Adult Women

Another key to maintaining your body's health as an adult woman is to eat the right part of the food. Nutritious-rich foods provide energy to support your daily activities and help prevent disease.

Use a list of single measurements (per 1 serving) below as a general guide to your healthy diet:
  • At least three 1-ounce servings of whole-grains such as whole wheat bread, cereal, pasta, brown rice, or wheat.
  • Three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy products include low fat or fat-free milk, yoghurt, or cheese.
  • Five to 6 ounces of protein such as lean meat, chicken, turkey, fish, eggs, nuts, and seeds, or peas and beans and soybeans.
  • Two cups of fresh, frozen or canned fruits without added sugar.
  • Two and a half cups of fresh, frozen or canned vegetables without added sugar.

Note: 1 cup = 1 tennis ball

But how is this related to you? Modify your portion with our style guide to find the right part for you.
  • Carbohydrates (cereals, rice, pasta, tubers) = one hand in your hand
  • Protein (meat / chicken / fish / alternative meat) = one palm of your hand
  • Vegetables = one fist
  • Savory snacks (popcorn / chips / alternatives) = two cups of your hands
  • Cakes and bread = 2 of your fingers
  • Fat (butter, margarine/butter, oil, and jam) = the tip of your thumb
  • 3-4 meals from the guide above will provide you with 1,200 - 1,500 calories per day.

In general, approximately 2,000 calories must be consumed per day. If you exercise at least 30 minutes per day, you can lose weight between 0.5 to 1 kilogram per week with a daily intake of 1,200 calories.

Healthy Breakfast for Adult Women

You will burn more calories when digesting protein than carbohydrates. So, start your morning with a high-protein breakfast (eggs, salmon, avocado, chicken breast, or dairy products). And because protein keeps you full longer, you don't get hungry all day long so you will eat fewer calories.

High protein breakfast doesn't need to bother. Enjoy a serving of vegetable filling omelette, or a bowl of serial granola and skim milk. Overnight oats with chia seeds, maybe? Add pieces of fruit in your cereal or gently devour. You can brew coffee or tea as a breakfast friend (optional - the best coffee recommendation is above 9am). If your morning is a little freer, arrange your favourite toasted whole-grain bread with one serving of scrambled eggs and sliced bacon on top: or with avocado slices, half-cooked boiled eggs, and tomato salsa sauce. Accompany with a glass of skim milk and a plate of fresh fruit.

Whatever you do, don't skip breakfast because skipping meals (whenever that is) will flutter your blood sugar levels, which means you will end up choosing the wrong food for the rest of the day. Remember, breakfast makes an essential contribution to your daily intake and plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy body weight.

Healthy snacking for adult women

Many people cling to the principle of eating "small portions" and often, these habits help them manage their blood sugar levels, which does not mean they eat more, but rather divide the portion of daily intake to be even throughout the day. One of them is a snack. But, what kind of meal is healthy?

Make every session you snack at a fun and right moment by choosing the type of food that not only makes the mood better but also provides complete nutrition. You can pick fresh biscuits with a spread of peanut butter and banana slices. A cup of low-fat Greek yoghurt with fruit and honey topping. One low-fat ice cream scoop. A plate of mixed fruits. A fruit/vegetable salad with low-fat dressing. Savoury popcorn, or dried fruits (such as raisins)  A banana or an apple slices and peanut butter, or a protein shake mixed with your favourite fruit. Whatever it is, keep yourself away from sugary drinks and soda.

Tasty Lunch for Adult Women

Set your lunch menu with good alloys from protein and carbohydrate starch. Carbohydrate-rich foods will provide you with enough energy, without them you will be more tired and tired in the afternoon. The important thing is to choose carbohydrate foods that can provide a steady increase in blood sugar. Stay away from rice or white bread, and exchange it with wheat, beans, and high-fibre grains to help you avoid snacking on empty-calorie snacks.

Fill your lunch plate with a serving of brown rice, colourful vegetables, and white meat. Drink a glass of water or real fruit juice (without sugar and milk) as a thirst reliever. If you are not in the mood to eat rice, choose a wheat bread sandwich coated with sliced beef, salmon, tuna, turkey, or chicken breast. Accompanied by a bowl of fresh salad or try a healthy version of kebabs. Fill in a sheet of wet tortillas with lean beef or chicken along with cucumber slices, tomatoes, and salsa or guacamole sauce. Avoid sodas or sugary coffee or creams.

Healthy Dinner Without Having to Worry

Who says dinner can make you fat? But you also have to be smart in choosing which foods are right for you. Eat one serving of brown rice or whole-wheat pasta with tomato sauce. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is useful for preventing lung and stomach cancer, as well as skin and hair health. These foods are low in fat, high in fibre, still sufficient for your daily carbohydrate needs while preparing your body to relax at night.

Combine these healthy carbohydrates with the intake of essential fats that you can find in oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, and sardines, as well as nuts and seeds. Your body needs critical fat at night to accelerate cell regeneration and repair, which is required for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

A healthy diet is essential, but don't forget to fill these three primary nutrients.

1. Iron

Iron is one of the keys to good health and energy levels for women. If you are planning to lose weight by limiting fat intake and protein, your menstrual cycle can be disrupted which has the potential to affect fertility and bone health in the future. You will lose a lot of iron every time in your menstrual cycle.

That means you should try to replace this lost amount by eating iron-rich foods in your diets, such as lean red meat, eggs, fortified cereals, dried apricots, spinach, kale, broccoli, oats, and seeds. Vegetable sources of iron are more easily absorbed by the body when consumed with foods rich in vitamin C. So, eat a bowl of fortified cereal with skim milk with strawberry pieces on top; spinach salad with sliced mandarin orange; or add tomatoes to your chicken soup.

2. Folic acid

When women reach childbearing age, they will need enough folic acid to reduce their risk of birth defects. The requirements are approximately 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Be sure to consume enough folic acid every day from fortified foods (bread, cereal, flour, corn flour, pasta, rice) or supplements, aside from natural sources of the rich folic acid such as eggs, oranges, green vegetables, beans, and peas. The beef liver also contains high levels of folate, but you must be very careful about consuming these innards when you are pregnant.

3. Calcium

For healthy teeth and bones, women need to eat a variety of calcium-rich foods every day. Calcium makes bones strong and prevents osteoporosis, a disease in which bones become weak and porous; broken easily. Calcium-rich foods including low-fat or fat-free milk, yoghurt and cheese, sardines, tofu (if made with calcium sulfate), and calcium-fortified foods, including juices and cereals.

Healthy Diet Doesn't Mean Boring

Planning a healthy diet is only one way to better manage your life. To stay healthy and keep your body in its best condition, you must start eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and do it consistently. It's not an exact science, it's just about changing your eating habits, so you don't switch to potato chips, chocolate or other 'empty' snacks when you're hungry.

However, having a healthy diet does not mean you can no longer spoil yourself with favourite foods. Once you're used to rigorous planning for four weeks, start introducing a "day off" in one week, whether it's Saturday on a weekly night with a friend or partner, or in the middle of the week as a fun escape from stressful daily routines. If you spend six days eating healthy (or five, in a few weeks), pampering yourself with pizza, fast food fried chicken, or burgers and fries are not a big problem. But still, first and foremost: avoid sugary drinks as much as possible and don't forget to exercise.

Workout Tips: How to Do A Good Gym Routine

Workout Tips: How to Do A Good Gym Routine - Fitness includes how to lose weight with exercise, the results can be maximized. Fitness is also often carried out by men and women who want to build body muscles. In the short term, if done routinely, this fitness will give you something you have longed for.

Workout Tips: How to Do A Good Gym Routine

It's just that, unfortunately, there are still many people who don't know how to do good and right fitness. Finding out about how to do it will be very helpful, so it's not wrong and fatal in doing so. To get the ideal body shape that has been covered so far, find out below about how to do fitness.

1. Establish Commitment

Many people are only interested in doing fitness at the beginning and just do it a few times. After knowing the process is not easy and instant, most people will leave the gym routine. This is a sign that they have not set a commitment to achieve their goal of witnessing until their ideal body is formed.

Boredom is natural, but this boredom should not defeat your desire to get the body shape you expect. For fitness to run smoothly and every exercise remains uplifting, there must be commitment. This commitment will also prevent you from stopping in the middle.

2. Determining Objectives by Making a Plan

Before starting a fitness activity, especially going to the gym, find out your exact destination. Do you want to build muscle or just want to tighten the body? If indeed the initial goal is to build muscle, exercises that are only as simple as possible will fail. Moving your body seriously without purpose will certainly not work.

3. Determine how many times fitness in 1 week

The average fitness guide will always focus on how to make the muscles perfectly formed in a short time. Once a week is the time of practice that is often recommended to be practiced. There are a lot of movements that need to be done in some sets which certainly need to be repeated several times. The following is the sequence of exercises referred to as disorder:
  • Day 1 (Mondays and Tuesdays), it's time to train the chest muscles.
  • Day 2 (Wednesday), it's time to train the shoulder muscles.
  • Day 3 (Thursday), it's time to train your leg muscles.
  • Day 4 (Friday), it's time to train your arm muscles.

This method may be applied as long as the body condition is good and the immune system is secure. Many of the plans have been put into practice, and the results have been successful. But certainly not many will do it because this method is entirely self-imposed and less relaxed.

When muscle groups are only trained once a week, there will be an increase in protein synthesis for 1 or 2 days after exercise. Indeed this will return to normal after passing 36-48 hours, but did you know that this method will actually damage the muscles? Muscle fatigue and severe muscle damage can be a result, so it's best not to try.

Determining the right time is a useful method, but not once a week for each muscle. Of course, this is the same as practicing 5 times a week which is not good for muscle health if left to be active continuously.

Body muscle formation can actually be done without having to be long-term as long as the routine. Even this can also be done without having to overload the body's muscles. Within a week, it is recommended to do 2 exercises for each muscle group.

For the right step, you can do body muscle exercises 3 times a week. In general, there will be 3 choices for the day that can be adjusted to your busy schedule.
  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

So, if for example, you choose the first day's choice, it can be concluded that only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays do you do the exercises. The day between the days is the time for the body to rest. For beginners, this method will be better practiced.

4. Doing Heating

Every time you want to start fitness, always warm up first because heating basically makes the muscles stretch. By warming up, the muscles that had been stiff will not be painful to move. Stretching or stretching is the right warm-up because the movements will increase the flexibility of the body.

After warming up, the body is guaranteed to be more ready to do fitness. Also, heating also prevents injury. Don't assume that warming only applies to fitness beginners. Every professional and even a fitness instructor will still warm up before starting.

5. Regulate breathing

When exercising, it is essential to regulate breathing. The right way is to breathe air through the nose, not from the mouth. Then when it gets out the wind can throw it through the mouth, and even then it needs to be done slowly. When lifting or removing a load, it is forbidden to hold your breath because it triggers an imbalance in the movement. Well-regulated breathing will help the fitness to its full potential as well.

6. Using a Simple Fitness Tool

No need to rush to do fitness with heavy equipment. Look for and use simple fitness equipment first if you are still a beginner. Even if you still use simple fitness equipment, you still need an instructor to accompany. Instructors who will provide guidance on this will reduce our risk of injury.

  • Chest Fly Machine
    Another name for this machine is Pec Dec Fly, which requires a sitting position and positions the back evenly on the base. There is a bearing lever that can be used to support the arm in a position parallel to the floor. The bar is then pushed together with both hands so that the chest gets pressure in the middle. Don't forget to return the lever to its original position until the chest opens. Perform reps several times.
  • Leg Press Machine
    Start with a sitting position on this tool, then both feet can be positioned to press the available footing. The width of the two legs is equal to the diameter of the shoulder. The hand holds on the side of the chair, then the knee can be bent. The burden on the legs can be lowered as far as possible, and the position of the pelvis also needs to be tried not to change. Furthermore, you need to push the load slowly but surely by utilizing the strength that the support is on the heel. When the pressure has reached the highest position, the knee is not locked, and the load can be lowered slowly when it reaches the farthest place.
  • Rope Attachment or Triceps Pushdown
    This one exercise is based on the pushdown triceps which is added to the rope that is the hook. The line can then be pulled as far as possible according to the limits of the ability and strength of your hand. This is done so that a contraction of the biceps occurs, but make sure the body is standing and upright.
  • Lying Leg Curls
    Face the body on this device and face down. The heel can then be connected with a roller foot with the foot position straight. The handle must be held firmly so that the body is fixed and stable with the footing behind the ankle. The stomach must also be on the machine, and slowly the legs are lifted until contractions of the hamstrings occur. Before you finally lower the burden as before, hold on, after that the strength of the legs can be raised slowly.
  • Leg Extension Machine
    Take a comfortable sitting position by adjusting the footing or chair, so the knees don't hang. The convenient handle needs to be held firmly while making sure the hips are not lifted during training. Start moving your legs until your knees are straight, but the position remains in a sitting area; add the load slowly. Hold it when the place is locked, then slowly return the foot as before, and do this repetition several times.
  • Air Bike
    On your back, lie down, and your hands are placed on the back of your head. Next, lift your legs and thighs to form an upright position. The bottom of the foot parallel needs to be facing the floor then can begin to curl up and move your left elbow to the right side. Then the right leg is lifted so that the right knee and left elbow meet.
  • Ab Crunch Machine
    This exercise movement is similar to when doing sit-ups and specific instructions are easy to follow. The instructor will be happy to explain it in detail so that it is not wrong for the muscles to experience optimal development. Repetition also needs to be done slowly by focusing the movement on the abdominal muscles so that the load can be pushed correctly. Meanwhile, the legs should be as relaxed as possible.
  • Wide-Grip Lat Pull Down
    In this tool, the foot needs to be positioned right under the footing for the knee, and the leg needs to be placed flat on the floor. The handle must be held firmly, and the handle is pulled down. Arch your back slightly, and the handle can be positioned at the front of your chest.
As for the elbow, it must be positioned under the handle. Stop for a while where the position of the bar is on the front of the collarbone, then the bar can be returned slowly. The body should not be tilted too far.

7. Using Heart Rate Monitor

For good and right fitness, do it using a heart rate monitor too. Apart from the fitness equipment itself, the heart rate monitor is a useful tool for knowing the heartbeat. Your heart rate will be easily detected and seen from this monitor while doing fitness. With the help of this tool, the level of intensity of training will also be increased.

8. Take a Rest in Time

Pressing or forcing yourself to keep moving and train your muscles without stopping will only hurt yourself. Maybe the purpose of doing this is so that our muscles can be formed quickly, but this is actually very wrong. Fitness aims to fit the body, and that means energy should not be forced.

Interrupting with a break each time carrying out the exercise will help the body not to get limp and get sick quickly. Resting for around 3-5 minutes between exercises will support the organization to refresh. Suspending it will only make the muscle easier to get injured or even more severe consequences are bone fractures.

9. Eat and Drink Before and After Fitness

The correct way of fitness is not just focusing on the fitness movement, even the matter of food intake and drinks also need attention. Eat and drink before eligibility or after fitness. As long as it's not too much, our stomach will be comfortable and safe when doing any physical exercise.

Remember that our body needs energy that acts as fuel. Not only that, but nutritional needs also need to be sufficient for the formation and development of muscles. Even damaged networks can also be repaired. Do not miss to every day to consume 8-10 glasses of water so that the body is always hydrated.

10. Mind-Body Training

Fitness is not just about using tools, but the point is to build and train muscles. Besides being able to do it at the gym, we can do it at home or outside the home, such as yoga and tai chi. With this exercise, strength, coordination, and flexibility of muscles will be able to be improved. Another advantage that can be obtained is that mental acuity also increases.

11. Setting Fast-Tempered Music

Fun fitness will be more pronounced when we play songs or fast tempo music than slow. Music with a fast tempo will make ourselves more excited. During the training, we will not be easily tired and bored with the music.

12. Record Fitness History

After doing a series of exercises, it's good to make your own notes about the history of the activities that have been done. Usually, this is more recommended for beginners. Any example that needs to be noted is the weight of the burden when carrying out the last exercise if indeed doing weight training.

Or you can also take notes when doing the exercises so that tomorrow-tomorrow is not confused and becomes easily accustomed. The records we make will help us carry out fitness better and correctly. Just believe that we will experience development, which is to a more challenging and challenging level.

Also, knowing what is the danger of fitness every day for physical health mentally and physically. Hopefully, this can be useful for you who want to live healthily and shape your body through fitness.