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Teeth Whitening: Spa-Dent Advantage

Teeth Whitening: Spa-Dent Advantage
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Teeth Whitening: Spa-Dent Advantage

Healthints - Teeth are part of the human body that are most visible. They can express their joy with a smile and a laugh. However, a person will only be confident to smile and laugh freely to the people if he has white teeth and pulls. People with a dull or yellowed tooth will feel shriveled when should laugh it off so that those who have discolored teeth tend to be less confident. That's why most people are trying to find methods may also seek to keep teeth white, clean and attractive. Of the many techniques, spa-dent whitening is the best.

What is Spa-dent?

Spa-dent technology uses Light Emitting Diode (LED) are sophisticated for teeth whitening that is activated at high speed, secure, free of ultraviolet light, and enabled. It is a process that is superior, because the LED lights do not produce light by heating a metal filament just like any other light source, and there is no heat means a reduced sensitivity of the teeth.

Spa-dent very powerful in removing stains and tooth color has changed in a short time. Spa-dent whitening does not have any side effects. The patient will not experience teeth sensitivity during and after the procedure. The whitening gel which is used to whiten the stain also prevents tooth decay. Anyone eligible to undergo teeth whitening system. However, it is intended for people with stained teeth. Here are the benefits offered by the procedure of whitening spa-dent.

1. Confidence
People with stained teeth lacking confidence because they don't feel comfortable with themselves. They have very low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem lost many opportunities due to a lack of courage and confidence. To restore their confidence, discolored teeth should be bleached. Spa-dent provides the perfect opportunity for these people to regain confidence and self-esteem.

2. Smile
A smile can enhance beauty. The perfect smile can even get you the job. For example, the company prefers people who look attractive to market their business. However, they primarily focus on their smile. Spa-dent system helps add to the beauty of your laugh. It will be a positive impact on your social life. That's because most of the people you meet will be fascinated with your smile. Therefore, you will feel confident talking to every individual without fear. It's because you feel comfortable with yourself.

3. Quick results
Someone with stained teeth can search for pharmaceutical or bleaching whitening spa-dent. However, spa-dent is a better alternative compared to pharmaceutical procedures. That's because it takes a short time. The process of whitening teeth won't take more than an hour. The method is still advantageous even though it took a short time. It completely removes any stains or discoloration. Therefore, patients getting the desired result quickly. It was very satisfying and enjoyable.

4. Durable results
The results obtained after the bleaching procedure last long. However, patients are required to comply with the instructions given by the dentist. They are expected to brush their teeth at least twice a day and clean their teeth regularly. Dentists can recommend several products to patients. These products will make teeth whiter than before. Thus, the bleaching results will be very durable.

5. Cost-effective
The spa-dent procedure is not expensive. The cost of this procedure is similar to pharmaceutical bleaching. It clearly shows this procedure is cost-effective. The patients get a fair agreement given the convenience and benefits.

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How Could Your Smile Give You A Happier Life?

How Could Your Smile Give You A Happier Life?
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How Could Your Smile Give You A Happier Life?

Healthints - When you think of having a perfect life, maybe what you imagine consists of work that is beneficial to others, has lots of money, a luxurious home, flexibility, has lots of friends, and maybe a loving family.

While wealth, ambition and positive relationships can help give you life satisfaction and fulfill what you always want. But did you know there is something more simple that you can do to help you manifest the life you dreamed? It is no longer a secret, but a general thing that you have the right to know and have, what is that? That is your smile.

Your smile is unique, meaning that your smile is yours. Your smile has many bright and unclear benefits that can help you live a happier life:

1. Positive Attitude
The phrase "attitude changes everything" may seem like a motivating short word, but has a lot of truth in it. If you have a perfect smile that you want to show off, you must feel happy and have a more positive attitude. Research has shown smiling psychology that those who smile more regularly are generally happier and have a more positive outlook on life, for themselves, others, and their environment.

2. More Job Prospects
As mentioned before, your smile is yours. It is something extra besides your resume that can distinguish you from other job candidates. Even though it doesn't directly speak to your qualifications, it provides a positive perception of self-confidence and self-esteem. People who smile seem more charismatic and confident. Smiles can indicate leadership ability. That is the reason business leaders perfect their smiles.

If you have a job, your smile is likely to open up opportunities to advance your career.

3. More Friends
If you feel lonely, smile and show off your beauty. People will be attracted to someone who keeps smiling. Someone who smiles looks friendly and trustworthy. People who smile will also laugh more indicating that they are also entertaining and fun. Also, both men and women are more interested in those who smile so that smiling can increase the chances of your date.

4. Better Health
Some studies show the connectedness of one's oral health and overall health of a person. Also, simple smiling actions can improve your health, and in fact, help you live longer. Your smile helps relieve stress by activating certain hormones in your brain that reduce blood pressure, as well as help keep your heart healthy and active. Your smile not only adds beauty to your face, but it can also help give you a happier life.

Oral hygiene is an essential thing for a healthy and beautiful mouth. Regular visits to the dentist play a significant role in the health of the teeth and gums. While it may be going to the dentist isn't the first order from a list of your favorite places to visit, the inspection twice a year it is essential to maintain that beautiful smile that You can't help but show off but can also help you achieve a happier life. Not only will you have a mouth that looks good, but healthy teeth and gums can also help reduce your dental costs in the future by knowing possible oral health problems early on.

If your less than ideal smile prevents you from having the happier life you want, contact your dentist to schedule a meeting.

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Simple Ways to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy

Simple Ways to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy
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Simple Ways to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy

Healthints - Everyone would have been like to have white teeth, healthy, and clean. Desire is indeed must be balanced with the right dental care every day. Not a few people who overlook the importance of taking care of dental health is diligently teeth cleaning every day. Dental treatment should be done daily so that when entering the age of the young no longer of tooth form, not prone to brittleness and problems on dental health.

Causes of Teeth Quickly Broken and Not Strong

Broken teeth will cause a lot of problems for yourself. Therefore we need to be aware of things that can damage dental health. Sometimes without realising it, we often ignore small things that actually will be a big problem if we ignore it, like the habits that we usually do which turns out they all harm dental health. Here are the patterns that you should leave if you want dental health to remain durable before damaging your teeth!

1. Regular smoking
Smoking and smoke about your teeth give the effect of a broken layer of guard teeth. Finally, any teeth gently land can become blackened also pierced the influence of smoking for the health of your teeth and mouth.

2. Customs Rarely brushing your teeth
Next, someone who was rarely brushing my teeth that will have a faster gear damaged. Because the rest of the leftovers will make your teeth are hollow, porous, and destroyed a total minimise. That is why the importance of brushing my teeth need to be known to everyone.

3. Layer thinning teeth
Sometimes the internal factors of yourself where the layers of a tooth not thick are one of the causes is also your teeth become damaged more easily. You need to take care of the teeth are not strong this early on, to be able to minimise the damage.

4. Too many Dental plaque and Tartar
The plaque on your teeth and corals are known to be the leading cause of a person's teeth were severely damaged. Especially when plaque and Tartar that you never care to be cleaner than before.

5. Influence of alcohol consumption and food containing sugar or flour
Use of alcohol and food containing sugar and flour has become one of the causes of broken teeth you should beware of starting from now. Make sure you avoid it as much as possible.

How to maintain dental health?

Someone who diligent in keeps oral hygiene has prevented the occurrence of dental and gum disease that can cause other problems in the body. Brushing your teeth is the most critical part of your daily routine. Rarely do brush your teeth can cause bad breath, tooth decay, tooth colour yellowing and cause cavities. These are signs of poor oral health and certainly can interfere with our activities. Here are some simple ways to care for teeth stay active and healthy:
  1. Do regular brushing twice a day, preferably after meals and before bed.
  2. When doing the routine of cleaning teeth by rubbing, do it slowly and gently on the top and bottom of the tooth.
  3. Choose products toothpaste containing fluoride; this content can help prevent the damage that occurs in teeth due to consuming sugary foods.
  4. You have to replace your toothbrush at least once in three months or sooner the better tables. Do not use the toothbrush-hairs already branched.
  5. Did the program a balanced diet by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.
  6. Reduce foods that give a sense of sweet, you can eat the food sources of protein such as meat, eggs, fish and nuts.
  7. To prevent damage to the teeth, you should more often avoid food with the taste of sweet and sour.
  8. Eat the gum that does not contain sugar can help keep the mouth to keep it moist as well as stimulate saliva cleans bacteria and neutralise acid in the mouth.
  9. Stop smoking, because the substances nicotine in cigarettes can cause yellow teeth and cause bad breath.

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5 Breathing Exercises for Overcoming Insomnia

5 Breathing Exercises for Overcoming Insomnia
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5 Breathing Exercises for Overcoming Insomnia

Healthints - Drowsiness which failed to come at night is something that is very troubling; it's a problem cannot sleep is frustrating. Whereas lack of sleep can lead to a variety of things that interfere with the activity of the next day, as it was difficult to concentrate, loss of mood, less passionate, and emotions are difficult to control.

Every person ever experienced sleep disturbances or insomnia. There is even a well until the acute to affect health. To be sure, to keep her health should sleep at least 8 hours.

The Cause Could Not Sleep

The cause could not sleep, or various things can cause insomnia. Some diseases can cause insomnia, namely Parkinson's, shortness of breath, flu, hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, Hypoglycemia, cough, malfunctioning of Hepar, impaired renal function, heart failure, hypertension, senile, and some other diseases.

Chronic pain due to arthritis, colic, menopausal, neuralgia, and cancer can also cause insomnia. The atmosphere that can interfere with sleep at night time is nocturia (urination at night), the temperature is too cold or too hot and noisy.

Dependence on drugs, alcohol, tobacco or caffeine can also cause insomnia. Some medications that cause can't sleep like antidepressants, corticosteroids, and reserpine.

Other causes of insomnia include:
1. Depression
2. Prolonged stress
3. Anxiety
4. Schizophrenia (mental disorders)
5. Hypomania
6. Bad news or failure to get something.

Five Breathing Techniques that Help You Fast Asleep

If you do not get enough sleep, the mood is likely to be chaotic, from anger, fuss and moving more slowly. If you have trouble sleeping at night for a long time, some of these breathing techniques can help reduce anxiety, make you fall asleep quickly without the need for sleeping pills anymore.

1. Pull a breath in, and eject slowly
Abdominal breathing techniques in (like I'm filling Your stomach area and make it a balloon) is one of the most natural and most effective ways to soothe your entire body and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. So your body will not be in the mode of "fight or flight" which means, the moment between the "face or avoid" when it wanted to start.

2. Technique 4-7-8
4-7-8 relaxation breathing technique means you breathe through your nose for four counts, then hold your breath for seven counts, finally exhaling through your mouth for eight counts. It sounds very technical at first, but this technique really can make you sleep like a baby.
Dr. Andrew Weil, an expert, and holistic health writer and founder of the Arizona Integrative Medicine Center, says that the 4-7-8 breathing technique can be a miracle when you are trying to fall asleep, making it more relaxed and inviting drowsiness. Worth a try right?

3. Alternate Nostril Breathing
Alternate nostril breathing is a form of yoga breathing (otherwise known as Pranayama) that instill a sense of calm when practiced correctly. If you are unable to sleep, try these techniques by putting your thumb right above the right nostril and breathe your breath in more fully from left nostril. If it is, take the ring finger and close the left nostril and blow through the right nose. Continue this pattern until you feel the calming could sleep soundly and feel your whole body relaxes.

4. Calculate the breath
If you don't seem to be calming the mind to fall asleep, pull the inspiration in with average speed. The first count is when you breathe. Do this until you reach a count to five, and start again from the beginning. According to research, this will work because you will shed the concentration to calculate the numbers make you tired after a few rounds.

5. The regular rhythm of the breath
Breathe with a steady rhythm is a method that will get you the serenity bed that is very worth to you get. According to TIME, proper breathing techniques just like the "counting sheep" due to its calming and reassuring.

Pull the breath in deeply through the stomach and when you inhale, hold to a count of four, when you release the breath count to four again. This one simple method that will help calm the nervous system, reduce the stress faced by, and subconsciously You going into the beautiful dream of nature.

Good luck! Have a good night sleep!

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11 Causes Eye Hurt When You Blink

11 Causes Eye Hurt When You Blink

11 Causes Eye Hurt When You Blink

Healthints - Eye pain when blinking can come from a variety of different causes. Some of them require medical handling. Eye pain when blinking can occur around the eyes or in a particular area, such as the corner of the eye or eyelid. Then what causes eye pain when blinking?

Causes of Eye Hurt When Blinking

Eye hurt is familiar because of the dust or dirt getting into the surface of the eye causing pain when flashing. However, injuries or medical conditions can also be the cause. The following are some of the causes of eye pain when you blink.

1. Injury
The eyes are relatively safe from damage. However, acute trauma or dust can injure the eyes and eye cavity which ultimately causes the eyes to hurt when you blink.

The type of general injury that can quickly occur when rubbing or touching the eye is scratches to the cornea (surface of the eye). It also allows the eyes to maintain burns from ultraviolet light stings or contact with certain substances.

There are three types of chemical burns can happen:
  • The perils of Lye: this is the most severe injuries and is often caused by cleaning products containing ammonia, caustic soda, or lime.
  • Acid burns: this is not as severe injuries can be caused by alkali and vinegar or some acidic fluoride-containing paint.
  • Irritation: this condition is rarely damaging to the eye, but it can cause sore eyes. Detergents or pepper can irritate.

2. Conjunctivitis
Conjunctivitis refers to swelling of the membranes that cover the bright eye and bottom eyelid. Blood vessels can become swollen, sore eyes and make the white part of the eye. The cause of the condition is an infection or allergies, such as hay fever or allergies pets. The purpose of the Conjunctivitis can be contagious infection jug.

3. Irregular eye
An Eye stye or irregular eye Eyelash follicles is the moment or oil glands in the eyelid becomes infected. It causes swelling of the eyelid, which can cause eye pain when blinking. Meanwhile, Eye-stye is not contagious to others, only bacteria that cause them to spread to other people. Bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus produce most eye-stye; these bacteria can spread to other people through close contact.

4. Tear duct Infection
Channel tears can be infected by bacteria if clogged, e.g. with dirt in the eye. It can cause pain in the corner of the eye the time flashes.

5. Blepharitis
Blepharitis is a condition where the upper eyelid edges and top or bottom sore became inflamed. Eyelid pain and cause eye pain when blinking. Bacteria could cause the disease, clogged glands, or certain skin conditions, such as seborrhoeic dermatitis.

6. Corneal Ulcer
The Corneal ulcer is open sores that develop on the surface of the eye. This condition usually occurs due to an infection, but it can also emerge from cuts, such as scratches or burns.

7. Sinusitis
Sinuses are small cavities around the nose and eyes. Sinusitis is the state when the sinuses become inflamed which is usually due to a viral infection. It can lead to eye pain when blinking, as well as nasal congestion, facial pain, headache, and symptoms similar to the flu.

8. Optical Neuritis
The Optic Neuritis occurs when the optic nerve becomes inflamed, interfere with the transmission of visual information between the eye and the brain. This inflammation could cause pain when the eye or eyelids move. It also can cause temporary vision loss and difficulty seeing colours correctly.

9. Dry eye Syndrome
Dry eye syndrome is also known as dry eye disease is a condition in which the production of tears. It has been the cause of sore eyes, dry and irritated. It may be the source of pain when blinking.

10. Graves' disease
Graves is an autoimmune condition that causes the thyroid to produce antibodies that invade the body incorrectly. It’s also called hyperthyroidism or overactive thyroid, which causes inflammation in and around the eyes, where this condition can cause eye pain when flashing. Other symptoms include anxiety, hyperactivity, itching, mood swings, sleep problems, and constant thirst. 

11. Keratitis
Keratitis infection refers to the cornea caused by bacteria or viruses. This infection can cause pain, eyes feel gritty and sensitivity to light.

How To Treat Sore Eyes

Before deciding the best treatment for pain, the doctor will identify what causes eye pain and other symptoms. Then they will make recommendations to treat the underlying causes to stop signs completely.

Treatments for sore eyes included in three main categories: drugs prescribed, sold free products, and home treatment.

These include the following drugs can be prescribed to treat symptoms or underlying causes:
  • Antibiotics, to address the underlying infection
  • Eye drops medications
  • Pain relievers, including the nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) such as ibuprofen (Advil) and eye, falls medications such as diclofenac (Voltaren) and ketorolac (Acular)
  • Drug allergy

Steroids such as prednisolone eye drop to severe irritation or inflammation condition. You can also use products sold free and home remedies to help relieve the symptoms and provide relief. Make sure you don't depend on them to treat the leading cause of your pain, consult it with your doctor.

When the pain left and tip eye pain when blinking never recovered, check with your doctor immediately!

29 Benefits of Almonds for Health and Beauty

29 Benefits of Almonds for Health and Beauty
Photo by Juan José Valencia Antía on Unsplash

29 Benefits of Almonds for Health and Beauty

Healthints - Almonds are nuts that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. Almonds have a larger shape than other nuts. The content in almonds is so beneficial for beauty and health. Therefore it is not uncommon for many who choose to consume almonds to maintain their health and beauty. Not everyone knows the benefits of almonds, especially the lower middle class. It is because the purchasing power of the more depressed middle-class people is relatively small. Almonds belonging to beans that have prices tend to be expensive.

Almonds are super beans that provide a variety of essential nutrients for the body. Almonds have two types, namely almonds with bitter taste and almonds with a sweet flavor. Many make sweet almonds as a snack, while many industries make almonds with bitter varieties as almond oil. Here are a variety of ingredients in almonds that are good for health and beauty:

  • Rich in fat (49%)
  • Omega-9 fatty acids (62%)
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Fatty acid omega-6 (24%)
  • Palm acid (6%)
  • Carbohydrates (26%)
  • Fiber (12%)
  • Sugar (6.3%)
  • Starch (0.7%)
  • Vitamin E (24 milligrams per 100 grams)
  • Magnesium
  • Fiber
  • Essential amino acids
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Vegetable fat
  • Fat not saturated
  • Calories
  • High in antioxidants
  • Fenilalanin
  • Biotin

The Benefits Of Almonds For Health

Many of the benefits resulting from the almonds for health. Nutritionists found the fact that the abundance of nutrients in almonds are beneficial to health. The following range of benefits of almonds for health:

1. Lower your bad cholesterol Levels
Almonds are beneficial for sufferers of cholesterol to lower LDL levels and control cholesterol in his body. LDL is very harmful to health because it can cause a wide range of chronic diseases and chronic. The way of his descent is almonds can increase levels of HDL or good cholesterol in the body. Body with the standards of HDL is good for health is beneficial for the development and growth of the nervous system and much more. The following facts about almonds that could lower LDL levels in the body:
  • Almonds are rich in saturated fat, not fat not saturated the beneficial to reduce LDL and raise HDL.
  • Research conducted by the American heart health association found that the consumption of almonds every day can lower bad cholesterol by as much as 15 per cent.
  • Cholesterol levels are reduced depends by the amount of the abundance of almonds that goes into the body.
  • As many as 7 grams of almonds consumed can lower LDL levels by as much as 1 percent. Multiples of 7 grams can reduce LDL levels even more.

2. Controlling Diabetes
Even though almonds contain sugar in it, but the nut is beneficial to control sugar levels in the body of a person. Controlling sugar levels can prevent people with diabetes from various complications produced by diabetes. Here's the fact that almonds can be a diabetes controller:
  • Almonds contain healthy fats, unsaturated fats, fiber and minerals that can make the body absorb glucose and process glucose quickly.
  • Research conducted by Diabetes Care suggests that almonds could control diabetes type 2, for both men and women. Especially for menopausal women.
  • Consumption one ounce of almonds before breakfast and eat a large portion of food could sustain a healthy sugar level in the body.

3. Healthy Heart
The heart is an organ which is very vital to human life. Unfortunately, the heart organ performance is often interrupted by a variety of ailments. For example, bad cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, and gout. If not treated immediately, it can cause heart disease coronary heart attacks are sudden, abrupt and deadly. Maintaining heart health better than the cure. The following functions of the almonds in creating a healthy heart:
  • Magnesium found in almonds is beneficial to launch and improve blood flow to the core.
  • Also, magnesium controls the movement of oxygen along with nutrients to the heart and throughout the body.
  • When the blood flows smoothly, increased blood flow followed by an action of oxygen and nutrients can cause the blood pressure is always healthy. Normal blood pressure can nourish the heart.
  • Fat not saturated in almonds are also useful to feed the soul.
  • Vitamin E and antioxidants that can prevent the occurrence of high inflammation of arteries and damage to the highways. It was an arterial blood vessel that is vital to the organ of the heart. If healthy, heart arteries would be healthy.

4. Improve the performance of our brains
The brain is the central nervous system that is in the human body. If our mind is confused, the other nervous system will be messed up. Almonds are the best food supplement for the brain. The following are the benefits of almonds for the mind: 
  • Vitamin E can increase the vigilance of memory is the brain.
  • Vitamin E in almonds could increase the memory capacity of the brain.
  • Almonds are rich in minerals, minerals beneficial to protect nerve cells and the brain from damage. Brain damage caused by free radicals.
  • The content of vitamin B6 in the almonds could be useful to improve protein metabolism. Protein metabolism that is required to correct the brain cells is damaged.
  • Material can prevent the occurrence of Phenylalanine Parkinson's disease. Parkinson's disease is caused by a damaged brain nervous. Fenilalanin also could make the brain has adrenaline and dopamine.
  • To get the benefits of almonds that are beneficial to the mind, needed a handful of almonds every day.

5. Diet
One of the benefits of almonds for health are get used to a diet. The nutrients present in almonds are beneficial to help lose weight. Nutrition in almonds are beneficial for weight loss is the fiber, unsaturated fats and protein as well. Eating almonds will make sense of satiety for longer. For diet, don't overdo in consuming almonds. Enough 1 ounce per day only.

6. Prevent Disability Baby
Women who are pregnant are advised to be able to consume almonds every day. Folic acid in almonds is the same as the role of pregnant milk. Folic acid is beneficial for fetal development in the womb and the growth of tissue cells in the baby's body.

7. Promotes digestion
Consuming almonds is beneficial for digestion. That is because in almonds it contains high fiber which is useful to prevent constipation and facilitate absorption.

8. Treating Gastritis
Eating almonds can cure ulcers. That is because almonds have high oil. The oil content can reduce stomach acid levels in the stomach.

9. Strengthen Bones
Almonds are rich in phosphorus and calcium. Both of these substances or nutrients are useful as healthy and bone compactor. Manganese, Magnesium, and Potassium are also helpful in creating stable and strong bones.

10. Launch blood circulation
Almonds can make smooth blood circulation because it has magnesium nutrition could be useful to launch a blood circulation in blood vessels throughout the body.

11. Creating Energy
Dieter uses almonds in the right way. Despite having a high fiber, almonds are also rich in carbohydrates which can create energy in the body. The calories are in almonds are also useful as backup energy in the body.

12. Improve the immune system
The content of vitamin C in almonds can make the body's immune system increase so that the disease cannot easily enter the body.

13. Lower Cholesterol
Almonds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. The content of omega-3 fatty acids that are present in almonds is beneficial for lowering cholesterol levels.

14. Reduce Asthma
When you get Your asthma symptoms will recur, immediately consume almonds. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in almond is beneficial for relieving symptoms of asthma.

15. Treat the inflammation
The body is susceptible to be exposed to inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids found in almonds can treat inflammation.

16. Reduce Arthritis
The content of omega-9 fatty acids in almonds is beneficial to relieve inflammations of joints in the body. Arthritis is a disease of the bones that make arthritis pain and joint pain.

17. Avoid disturbance of Metabolism
The body will be a susceptible variety of metabolic disorders, such as disorders of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is often interrupted due to the disturbed metabolism system. With the content of manganese in the almonds, the body can make the thyroid gland is working optimally so that the system body metabolism will be smooth and uninterrupted.

18. Prevent cell damage
High antioxidant content in almonds is beneficial to prevent damage to cells in the body.

The Benefits Of Almonds For Beauty

Not only for the health, of course, but almonds are also useful for beauty. Here's an assortment of beauty benefits of consuming almonds and almond nut oil is also using:

19. Make the skin Healthy
Almonds can overcome skin problems such as dry skin, rough, dull and so on. Consume almonds on a regular basis can also make the skin ageless. The content of vitamin E in almonds is also useful to enhance the beauty and health of the surface. Vitamin E in almonds can prevent skin damage due to exposure to UV rays that attack the surface.

20. Preventing the free radicals
Free radicals are very unfriendly with beauty. Rebels on the skin directly can cause pimples, black spots, oil, blackheads and skin cancer. Consume almonds on a regular basis is beneficial to ward off free radicals. Counteracting free radical then can prevent various other beauty problems.

21. Create healthy hair
Healthy hair is the dream of everyone. Unfortunately, not everyone can have healthy hair. Hair problems such as loss, dandruff, itchy scalp, and brittle hair could be prevented using almonds. The following content of almonds that are useful for creating healthy hair:
  • Vitamin E in almonds is beneficial for healthy hair.
  • Biotin is helpful to prevent hair loss.
  • Manganese is beneficial for the scalp; its function is to nourish the scalp and prevent from itching.
  • The content of copper in almonds is beneficial for healthy hair network.
  • Essential fatty acids are beneficial to maintain health and avoid hair loss.
  • The content of zinc in almonds is useful to update the hair cells in the scalp, thus making hair thrives.

22. Smooth skin
Almond that has become an oil is beneficial for the smooth skin. The oil content of almonds contains minerals, and essential fatty acids are also great for the surface.

23. Moisturize the skin
The content of vitamin E in almonds is beneficial to moisturise the skin. Regular consumption can create skin mostly.

24. Lifts dead skin cells
The skin has the dead skin cells; dead skin cells can make the skin look dull. The content of oil in the almonds can be useful for removing dead skin cells, so that makes the skin look radiant. You can consume almonds or almond nut oil use as hand body to remove dead skin cells.

25. Eliminate Puffy Eyes
Vitamin E in almonds can be useful for removing Puff Eyes. Add some almond oil mixed with honey droplets. Dip the cotton and apply it to the eye circle.

26. Eliminate Swollen Eyes
Swollen eyes can deflate with almond oil mixed with a few drops of honey. The method is the same as eliminating puffy eyes.

27. Make the lips Natural Blushes
Natural blushes lips is a dream for everyone especially the women. The trick is to make the almonds as oil, or we can buy the almond nut oil has been so, then before bed apply on the lips. When the morning wash using cold water.

28. Thickens lashes
Almond oil can be useful for thickening lashes. The trick is to dip the mascara into almond oil and then apply it to the lashes.

29. Provide Sufficient Nutrition for the skin
The skin also needs in nutrients up into to be freed from a variety of problems. So that's consuming almonds could provide enough nutrition for the skin. The content of vitamin E and a variety of other vitamins are in almonds can nourish the skin, so the surface is free from wrinkles, fine lines and a variety of other skin problems.

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Home Remedies: How to Get Rid of Nausea and Vomiting

Home Remedies: How to Get Rid of Nausea and Vomiting

Home Remedies: How to Get Rid of Nausea and Vomiting

Healthints - When we feel nausea, agitated and uncomfortable due to the urge to want to throw up, vomiting can be prevented using relieving nausea, either with the help of medications as well as handling independently at home.

Usually, nausea is accompanied by a sense of discomfort in the upper abdomen, in the chest, or throat. Someone who feels nausea also can feel dizziness or a headache. Although most nausea then ends up with vomiting, there is also nausea that doesn't end with vomiting. Nausea is usually not painful, but if left unchecked it can make a person weak.

Most Common Causes of Nausea and Vomiting

Center sensation of nausea itself exists in the brain, which then responds by the body in the form of vomit. It's just that, since the number of stimuli which can cause nausea, then sometimes it is not easy to determine the cause of vomiting, especially prolonged happens.

Nausea usually is followed by vomiting can be caused by things that are physical or psychic. If the cause is physical problems, causes of nausea could be due to a disorder in the brain or upper gastrointestinal tract. The organs located in the upper part of the digestive tract are the oesophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, and gallbladder. Other than that, nausea can also arise due to diseases that afflict organs outside the system. The condition below is usually a trigger for nausea:
  1. Diarrhoea.
  2. An increase in stomach acid.
  3. Fever.
  4. A headache.
  5. Full stomach gas or bloating.
  6. Dizziness or vertigo.
  7. Abdominal pain.
  8. Drug side effects, such as chemotherapy.
  9. Pregnancy.
  10. Travel Sickness or Seasickness.
  11. The infection.
  12. Drink too much alcohol.

5 Ways to Getting Rid of Nausea Without Medicine

Eliminate nausea can without taking any medication. Several methods of relieving nausea naturally you can try, including:

1. Drink water

Immediately drink water if you feel nausea. Drink beverages that can make your tummy feel more comfortable, such as mineral water, ginger, tea or other drinks. Also, sufficient intake of fluid can also prevent you from dehydration.

2. Consume foods that are easy to digest

Dispel nausea can also be by way of consuming foods that are easy to digest, such as bananas, rice, biscuits and porridge — consumption of a little-a little but often, so that food understood slowly.

3. Avoid certain foods and drinks

Avoid fried foods, spicy foods, coffee and fizzy drinks until nausea has subsided. Sometimes the sharp scent of a particular food or drink can also cause nausea. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid foods with strong odours to prevent increased severe nausea.

4. Drink ginger drinks

Ginger has long been known in traditional medicine to relieve nausea. Chemical substances contained in ginger can affect the nervous system, stomach, and intestines to help reduce nausea.

5. Lay

Activity while nausea can worsen nausea and trigger vomiting. Therefore, stop the first activity and rest in a sitting position or lying down. Try to position the head is higher than in other parts of the body.

Usually, nausea will subside within a few hours. But if the method of eliminating nausea does not work to relieve nausea you feel, then you should immediately go to the hospital and consult with the doctor to get the right treatment.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

7 Simple Ways to Lower Your Risk of Diabetes
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Healthints - Diabetes is one of the many diseases in worldwide that attack humans and often resulted in death. This disease occurs because of a lousy lifestyle of a person and also the hereditary factors. If you ignore these two things and if someone receives too much sugar intake, the condition of diabetes can occur quickly.

If You've been affected by diabetes, the chance to recover still exists, but it is tiny. Because if an organ in the body is damaged, the diet really should be kept so that the blood sugar in the body does not increase. Instead of a lifetime should keep his food with too extreme, it is better to prevent diabetes appears on the body.

Facts Related to Diabetes

Based on data from the World Health Organization, the number of diabetics around the world continue to experience significant increases. Then in 1980 that there are 108 million sufferers, the year 2014 can be four times the rise of 422 million people.

The case of diabetes occurs worldwide in countries with low to moderate incomes. Developing countries also contributed quite a lot of examples of diabetes in the world.

The data in the year 2016 ago shows if there are 1.6 million people died from diabetes directly. Besides about 2.2 million people also died of complications due to increased blood sugar and hard once controlled.

Diabetes is the number seven of most substantial disease leading cause of death worldwide. With this amount, diabetes is classified as a dangerous disease and must be watched out. Moreover, half of the people with diabetes who die are under 70 years old.

Lastly, actual diabetes can be prevented and resolved by just changing the lifestyle for the better according to the WHO. If it did, the expensive drugs are not needed anymore and can also be a healthy body as well as the non-diabetes.

The Key to Success Preventing Diabetes

The easiest ways to prevent diabetes is by adopting a healthy lifestyle. You prevent blood sugar disease emerged despite a history of the family. Here are some ways I can Relate to fend off dangerous diabetic conditions.

1. Reducing sugar consumption
One of the main triggers of the condition of diabetes experienced by many people is high blood sugar. This condition can occur due to the use of sugar in the body is too large.

2. Control blood pressure
Keep blood pressure normal every day so the risk of developing diabetes can decrease. Someone who has high blood pressure has a body that has a lot of fat and a pretty bad diet. Eventually, blood flow is stimulated to increase and cause other complications.

Keep your blood pressure every day so that more severe problems such as heart disorders to kidney does not occur. Routines for measuring blood pressure to the hospital or you can buy yourself a digital heart rate measuring device that is currently available on the market.

If You tend to have a high heart rate, diet evaluation and check with your health, do not underestimate even though the blood pressure only increased 10-20 points just from the reasonable limit.

3. Keeping cholesterol levels in the body
Keep your cholesterol the body so as not to hold up each day. The rise in the level of cholesterol in the body can occur due to many things. The most common is a bad diet. Too much coconut milk, eating something fatty, salty and also could lead to someone experiencing cholesterol diabetes all at once.

If You tend to have a high heart rate, you need to evaluate diet and check with your health! Do not underestimate even though the blood pressure only increased 10-20 points just from the reasonable limit.

4. Maintain weight
As much as possible to adjust the weight you have. The pressure must be ideal or at least outside the obesity zone. The way you can do to maintain weight is to adopt a healthy lifestyle and regularly check to determine the right diet and exercise patterns.

5. Regulate diet
The diet must be maintained properly. Because the primary source of diabetes is blood sugar, we must reduce sugar intake in the body. The best way to do this is to reduce sugar and only consume complex carbohydrates.

6. Do exercise regularly
Do exercise regularly! Training can be executed in the form of a walk or jog lightly. If you could do this in the gym will be better. Practice will unleash a flow of blood and using blood sugar produced with a maximum.

7. Quit smoking
Smoking causes many problems for the body of both men and women. Respiratory disorders will occur if smoke contains a lot of toxins in. Furthermore, cigarettes can also cause a decrease in the quality of erections from men and also sperm produced. Cancer can also occur if cigarette consumption remains high either actively or passively.

Smoking regularly also causes a person to have a poor diet. Some eat anything without considering the nutritional content. This condition can trigger a diabetes condition. Reduce smoking if you can't do it directly.

From the reviews presented above, it is clearly seen that diabetes can happen to anyone and is quite dangerous. Therefore, let's apply a healthy lifestyle so that the condition of diabetes does not appear and cause problems later on.

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Already avid workouts, but why muscle never formed?

Already avid workouts, but why muscle never formed?
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Already avid workouts, but why muscle never formed?

Already avid workouts, but why muscle never formed? - Build muscle it was not easy, but there are ways to achieve it. Unfortunately, some people who are already avid sports still can't have a muscle that they want – many men who felt useless doing regular exercise because never get big and burly muscle. Don't feel like it used to be; there are some errors that you might not be aware during the exercise. What's it? See the answer here and began to fix the mistakes. 

The Workouts Mistake That Made Failed to Build Muscle

1. Wrong Reps
The number of repetitions is optimal to maximise muscle growth is around 6-12 reps per set. However, the number of times the reps can be different, depending on how the workout you are doing.

Usually to exercise or strenuous movements, do too many reps. About 1-5 reps per set may already be enough. While if its sports a lightweight, take for example the limited walking, necessarily has to be a lot more reps to build muscle, for example, 18-20.

2. Fewer Carbohydrates
Mary-Paula Carrillo, MS, RDN, a nutritionist and food said that only focus on protein intake alone would not help you build muscle. If you are consuming excessive protein, there is a high possibility you will not get enough carbohydrate intake.

Carbohydrates are essential in giving more energy when you exercise and to build muscle. However, not only that but carbs also helps rebuild muscle tissue in quick time which is an integral part of muscle growth.

3. There's no other exercise – just that's all
Your muscles need to be variations in the move during practice. If you do the same muscle workout in the same way, and the movement of the muscles You will be limited to it, that's it.

You need to replace your exercise program each week 6-8 all. For more challenging yourself, make sure you also train a muscle that is still weak.

4. Too often Cardio
A cardio workout that raises Your heartbeat is an essential component of any exercise routine. However, excessive cardio workouts will burn muscle tissue you can with difficulty before.

If your goal is to increase strength and muscle size, cardio training should be as necessary. Tesage Fraggos, a personal trainer, suggests doing cardio workouts two days in a week, no need per day. The rest can be with muscle building exercises such as lifting weights. It can help you build muscle quickly.

5. Lack of rest
If you are not getting enough sleep, exercise too frequently, or don't take the time to rest on the sidelines sports, this can hinder you to build muscle. Lack of sleep can increase levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. This hormone is negatively affected muscle growth.

Coen s. Hewes, a personal trainer and nutritionist, said that for build muscle, the body needs to break down the fibres in the muscles and then it will grow back more or in different types of muscle fibres.

Without adequate rest, muscles don't have time to repair damaged cells and grow stronger. Then, don't forget to keep a break so that the muscles more quickly formed.

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4 Causes of Red Spots on the Skin

4 Causes of Red Spots on the Skin

4 Causes of Red Spots on the Skin

4 Causes of Red Spots on the Skin - Skin is a part of the body that are often exposed to foreign substances and even becomes a place for discharge from the body in the form of sweat. That is why the skin is susceptible to many disorders, such as red spots on the surface. The skin disorder feels itchy and is also very disturbing. What causes red spots on the surface that you can experience now? Consider the following review.

Causes of Red Spots on The Skin

Although both cause red spots on the skin, the causes of these symptoms can vary. Therefore, understanding the symptoms can help you be aware of conditions that might require the doctor's treatment. Some causes of red spots on the skin, namely:

1. Prickly heat

Prickly heat or militia not only occurs in infants but also adults. Especially when the weather is hot, sweat trapped under your skin causes this condition. Signs and symptoms vary, from rashes in the upper layers of the skin, sometimes the outbreak is fluid or causes lesions. These skin disorders usually heal by themselves but can get worse and spread. It depends on how you treat the affected skin.

Because the primary cause is sweat, you should avoid activities that make you sweat, wear clothes that are loose and absorb sweat, and make sure the room temperature remains cool. If you are bothered by this prickly heat, you should check with your doctor.

2. Fungal infections (candidiasis)

Various types of bacteria or fungi live and grow on the skin, but most are not dangerous. These multiple organisms are indeed needed to balance the skin. However, when the growth is out of control, this can cause fungal infections. Candida fungus is a fungus that has the potential to create fungus (candidiasis), cause red spots on the skin, itchy, and feels sore.

Generally, this condition occurs around the folds of the skin, such as the armpit area, groin, under the breast, the corners of the mouth, or between fingers. Usually, this condition occurs in people who lack personal hygiene or other underlying diseases, such as diabetes. This skin disorder is not contagious, but people with weakened immune systems can experience this condition when they touch the skin of an infected person.

Doing treatment at home can help cure the skin of this condition. For example, by maintaining cleanliness of the body, using antifungal drugs, and reducing consumption of high-sugar foods and drinks.

3. Scabies

The cause of scabies is lice Sarcoptes Scabiei Var. Hominis, it lives and puts its eggs on the skin. The most common symptoms are usually itching, and red spots are resembling zits. These spots can spread rapidly from the surface to the skin or objects used on crusty skin. However, if it is not on the surface, this parasite will not last long. In someone, scabies can live for 1-2 months, but when moving to another person's body through an intermediary will continue in 2 or 3 days. This condition can heal with drugs that kill parasites and their eggs on the skin.

Scabies will not survive if the surrounding temperature is 50 degrees Celsius. For this reason, when washing clothes, blankets, towels and other objects, soak them in hot water and rinse thoroughly.

4. Syphilis

Syphilis is an infectious disease caused by Treponema pallidum through sexual activity, be it oral or anal sex or infected person's body fluids about open wounds of healthy people. Symptoms that appear are red spots become small wounds, but not painful. It will appear on the genitals or around the mouth and will heal in six weeks without treatment and leave scars. However, it can also develop on the palms or feet.

Because symptoms on the skin are almost like other diseases, syphilis will make the affected person have warts around the groin, white spots in the mouth, swollen lymph nodes, fever, and weight loss. Quoted from WebMD, if it does not treat infection, it can proceed to a stage characterised by problems in the heart, brain, and nerves that can cause paralysis, blindness, dementia, deafness, impotence, and even death.

Tips for Reducing Pain During Wound Care

Tips for Reducing Pain During Wound Care
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Tips for Reducing Pain During Wound Care

Tips for Reducing Pain During Wound Care - Wounds can occur to anyone with a variety of reasons, such as falling, scratching sharp objects, or accidents. Although the wounds that arise appear small and trivial, still can cause a feeling of pain that can interfere with movement and activity.

Tips for Caring for Wounds without Pain

One of the things that are quite disturbing from the wound is the feeling of pain, which can limit the daily activities. We feel pain especially when cleaning and treating injuries. That is why it is essential to understand how to heal wounds without causing pain, especially in children.

Causes of Pain in Wounds

The pain that everyone feels can vary, depending on the type of wound and the cause of the wound. The pain that arises in the injury is the body's natural reaction through the nervous system, because of the stimulation at the ends of nerve fibres on the surface of the skin.

Apart from the injury itself, the cause of the pain can also be due to inflammation of the tissue around the wound. As a result, the feeling of sadness that feels can be severe even though the injury is not too significant.

Another factor that can cause wounds to become more painful is how to treat an inappropriate injury. Therefore, knowledge of appropriate wound management is needed.

How to Care for the Right Wound

Even though it looks trivial and easy to do, not everyone understands how to handle injuries properly. Treating the wrong can cause the wound does not heal completely, constantly feels sore with an intensity that is even heavier than before, also risks leaving scars on the surface of the skin. To help wound care without adding to the existing pain, here are some tips you can do:

1. Clean the wound

Wash your hands first before cleaning the wound. When cleaning your injury, it is recommended to use a sterile fluid that is isotonic, such as saline (0.9% NaCl), or pure (aqua bidest) water. Stream slowly. But if it is not possible, then at least use potable water, such as bottled water to clean wounds.

The next step to clean the wound is to use an antiseptic solution. It aims to eliminate most of the dirt and germs that attack, so as not to enter into open wounds and cause infection.

One choice of antiseptic solution is that which contains Polyhexamethylene biguanide (PHMB). The pure substances of PHMB are known to be colourless, odourless, and safe to deal with wounds without pain. PHMB is available in various forms, including disinfectant spray which is easy and practical to use.

2. Compress with ice cubes

If the area around the wound is bruised and swollen, you can compress it with ice cubes wrapped in cloth or clean towels. Ice cubes can help reduce bruising while reducing pain.

3. Take anti-pain medication

To reduce the pain that is very disturbing, you can take painkillers. However, you should consult a doctor before taking the drug. If your wound is severe enough, don't hesitate to see a doctor. Follow the doctor's wound handling instructions properly. If necessary, return to the doctor for re-examination. By applying the right treatment method, the wounds you experience can heal immediately, and you can return to your normal activities.

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Things You Should Do to Dodge a Cold and Recover Faster

Things You Should Do to Dodge a Cold and Recover Faster
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Things You Should Do to Dodge a Cold and Recover Faster

Things You Should Do to Dodge a Cold and Recover Faster - If you continue to sneeze, you may want to consider undergoing daily activities. Plus the nasal congestion, watery eyes, sore throat, these are all signs of a common cold that we feel. When symptoms of a cold start are attacking you, this will undoubtedly make you annoyed because this will be very disturbing. Then you look for various ways to get rid the flu quickly by doing as many things as you can.

Fast Tips for Preventing Colds

But you know, that there are some simple things you can do to prevent the cold. Maybe the following items are very often ignored, even though they have an impact on the health of our bodies. Here are seven ways to avoid lurgy or prevention of flu early.

1. Take care of yourself

Research shows that being active can help prevent respiratory infections, and stop smoking, reduce alcohol intake and maintain a healthy diet also helps. "A lot of exercises, good nutrition; take care of your health and fitness, and that will keep your immune system strong," said Peter Barlow, professor of immunology and infection at Edinburgh Napier University.

2. Get enough sleep

Sleep is essential for health, said Aric Prather, professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. In a study published in 2013, Prather and colleagues gave 164 sleep trackers and slept diaries, making them catch a common cold and then quarantining them in a hotel for monitoring. After considering factors including age, gender, smoking habits, and alcohol consumption, the team found that sleep was a factor in who fell ill. "We found that people who slept less than six hours averaged about four times more likely to get the flu than people who slept more than seven hours," Prather said.

3. Wash hands

There are around 160 types of rhinovirus, which is behind the majority of common colds, Barlow said: "Whatever you can to avoid getting infected with the virus will reduce your chances of contracting it." He said many health agencies advised people to wash their hands frequently with soap, and water, to avoid touching the nose, eyes and mouth with dirty hands, and to stay away from people who are sick.

4. Avoid children as much as possible

Prof. Mieke van Driel, head of primary care and general practice at the University of Queensland, said children get several colds a year because their immune systems are still developing - and they tend to spread colds. "Parents of small children are at higher risk than people who are not often with children, so avoiding them may be a good thing."

5. If you are sick, pay attention to others

The present is on the rise - but if you experience snot, you might want to consider undergoing duvet day. "If you keep coughing and sneezing, it might be a good idea not to be around other people, spreading flu," said Van Driel.

6. Save your cash

In a recent study, Van Driel and colleagues looked at whether there is a solution that helps with nasal symptoms. For many treatments, the results are inconclusive, but decongestants - either alone, or with painkillers or antihistamines - seem to help adults. (For children, nasal irrigation is better.) However, there is little evidence that many popular treatments, such as echinacea and vitamin C, can prevent or treat colds - plus the price can be high. "You'd better take a hot toddler, or a hot lemon and a little honey," said Van Driel. One medicine to avoid, he added, are antibiotics, which "really don't work". An unnecessary prescription is one of the factors that has triggered the current crisis of antibiotic resistance.

7. Remember you will get over it

"The immune system in a healthy person is very capable of dealing with colds and most viruses," said Van Driel. "The flu virus is a benign disease, heals itself. It's annoying, but it limits itself. "He added that we must have confidence in our bodies to manage pathogens - in most cases, even if we do nothing, we will get better.